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T O P I C     R E V I E W
beststocks  - posted

Saturday, February 26, 2011 10:30 AM

Tim Sheridan, with MDSI in Atlanta, will be attending the meeting to give a presentation on the Piracy problem, solutions as well as drug interdiction efforts globally.

We have finalized what we think will be an informative and interesting meeting with the new interim CEO.

We will meet at Radix Marine Yakima facility at 10:30 am. We will have an hour to look over the GB 12, fire suppression unit and discuss the anti Piracy system.

We will proceed to have lunch (transportation provided) in Yakima from 11:30-1:00. It will give you and opportunity to talk with Brad, Dan and Tim on a one on one basis.

We will proceed to Bonair Winery (WWW.BONAIRWINERY.COM) where we will use the conference room for a meeting from 1:30 to 3:30. We will discuss the past and future or Radix Marine, current projects and Tim will give his presentation and answer questions.

We will then get a tour of the Bonair Winery facility and do some wine tasting until approximately 5:00 PM. We will then return to the Radix facility around 5:30 and you will be free to go.

Afterwards, a few of us will be going to dinner and you are welcome to join us at a local restaurant.

We are looking forward to this opportunity to meet some of the shareholders and answer some questions.

It is strictly RSVP so we can get everything set up.


Dan and Brad
beststocks  - posted
Post # of 2628

Thursday, January 27, 2011, 03:55 PM
Posted by Administrator
Several of you have written or asked what is Tim Sheridan's background.

Below is a Biography he provided to me that I will post here and as a permanant "static page" to the left you can clik on. As we update the website, we will provide more static pages and links.



Mr. Sheridan has over twenty-five years in the defense, intelligence and security fields. After two years as a Special Operations Contractor in Vietnam and receiving a Batchelor of Science in Economics at Utica College of Syracuse University in 1975, Mr. Sheridan started what was to become a long career as a consultant to the U.S. Government, defense contractors, security companies and many allied governments.

In 1978 he formed Sherhold Financial Consultants. SFC concentrated on International Trade Finance to facilitate transfers of defense and other products on behalf of US defense contractors and the U.S. Government. The success of SFC led to contracts with a number of European governments and companies. During the subsequent five years, SFC worked on programs for Litton, including their Pascagoula, MS ship building unit, as well as Martin-Marietta, Lockheed Corp., GE Aerospace and others.

In 1983 he transferred operations of SFC to London where efforts were concentrated on the conflict in Central Asia and the deteriorating situation in the soon to be former Soviet Union. Having successfully completed the assignments based in London, Mr. Sheridan returned to Los Angeles at the end of 1984 to resume operations from the US.

In early 1986, he moved to Paris, France and formed Albion Trust Ltd. From then until his return to the US in mid-1998, Mr. Sheridan began to develop his relationships in what was to become the former Soviet Bloc of nations. It is upon this foundation of relationships that Mr. Sheridan was able to successfully act on behalf of his governmental and corporate clients. During this period, Mr. Sheridan was instrumental in establishing the program for upgrading Egypt’s fleet of Mi-17 helicopters, initiating the transfer of a number of French frigates, initiating the first transfers of C-130 aircraft to former communist eastern European countries.

Anticipating his return to the U.S, in 1998 he formed IENCO Group, Ltd. in Neuchatel, Switzerland. This vehicle was used to continue operations upon his return to the U.S. in July of 1998. With the upsurge of terrorism directed at the U.S and its allies, Mr. Sheridan focused his efforts on systems and operations to combat this growing danger. After 9/11 almost all efforts were focused on the procurement, on behalf of a number of U.S defense contractors, of the Warsaw Pact weapons and weapons systems that the U.S. government was supplying to Afghanistan and then to the new Iraq government. Until being hired by General Defense Corp in March of 2006, he was responsible for the acquisition of nearly $100 Million in these weapons.

During his tenure as Chief Operating Officer at General Defense Corp., from 4/06 to 4/08, Mr. Sheridan was responsible for 100% of revenues of over $16 Million, as well as being responsible for the sourcing of all of the product that was sold.

In Jan. 2009, following the piracy attack on the Saudi Sirius Star tanker on its maiden voyage, Sheridan set forth on finding a solution to the ever-increasing plague of maritime piracy. To that end, he formed Maritime Defense Systems International, LLC (MDSI). By Jan. of 2010, the design for the system was complete. This included commitments from the component manufacturers.

Over the subsequent months, while searching for an investor for MDSI, Sheridan came to the realization that there were many other maritime security issues that went beyond pirates. Narco-terrorists, terrorist attacks from the seas are among the security risks identified. In looking for solutions for these problems, Sheridan came upon Radix Marine. In furtherance of the developing relationship with Radix, a Letter of Intent was executed and a Press Release was issued in mid-September of 2009. This release made quite a bit of noise around the globe.
beststocks  - posted
Sunday, February 6, 2011, 01:04 PM
Posted by Administrator

This last week an auction was held for Advanced Chambered Hulls in Bellingham Washington. This was a sad event to see a once prosperous company being sold off in an auction environment. The entire company was auctioned off and it was sobering to see an event like this take place.

This is not to cast the event in a negative light, but further reinforce our business model of not having a production facility and simply use the existing capacity of boat yards world wide for potential sales and production. This better enables us to meet any production demands in a timely and cost effective fashion.

We are looking forward to meeting some of the shareholders for our “meet the CEO" function the end of February. I have enjoyed talking with some of you and look forward to meeting face to face. We value your input and love the way many shareholders are willing to contribute to the success of the company. It amazes me the intelligence and diversity of our shareholder base.

I was talking with Tim Sheridan this am and he is considering staying in Yakima for an extended period of time and running his MDSI operation out of Yakima Washington. We look forward to this possibility and will keep you apprised of developments in this area. He wants to become more engaged in marketing the GB12 world wide along with some of its application modules. He will help us with the final planning and development of his anti piracy system along with upgrade and design changes for the “next generation” of the GB 12 concept. He has been aggressively marketing the GB 12, along with systems and modules, overseas and feels it has been well received by potential end users in a half dozen foreign locations.

Fred continues to be on the mend and we are thankful for that. It has been a long haul for him and he does not take well to sitting on his butt. We wish him the best and a continued speedy recovery.

Have a great week!
beststocks  - posted

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