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T O P I C     R E V I E W
RebelGirl  - posted

PPS .16

Estimated Market Cap
11,050,971.8 as of Jul 23, 2007

Outstanding Shares
110,509,718 as of Apr 1, 2007

Transfer Agent
Transfer Agent Stalt Inc

Lotta Coal, Inc. is a unique oil and gas company with three separate wholly owned operating subsidiaries, each with rights to explore and develop oil and gas resources in partnership with different First Nations commercial entities in Northern Alberta, Canada. The Company is publicly traded on the over-the-counter market under the Ticker symbol: LCOL.

The Company has been able to assemble over 100,000 acres of land, all with a 100% interest.

They have the BIGGEST land position in Alberta, in the WCSB.

The Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB) is a vast sedimentary basin underlying 1.4 million square kilometres (550,0000 sq. mi.) of Western Canada including southwestern Manitoba, southern Saskatchewan, Alberta, northeastern British Columbia and the southwest corner of the Northwest Territories. It consists of a massive wedge of sedimentary rock extending from the Rocky Mountains in the west to the Canadian Shield in the east. This wedge is six kilometres thick under the Rocky Mountains, but thins to zero at its eastern margins. The WCSB contains one of the world's largest reserves of petroleum and natural gas and supplies much of the North American market, producing more than 16 billion cubic feet per day of gas in 2000. It also has huge reserves of coal. Of the provinces within the WCSB, Alberta has most of the oil and gas reserves and almost all of the oil sands.

LCOL partner TransCanada:

TransCanada is a leader in the responsible development and reliable operation of North American energy infrastructure. Our network of more than 59,000 kilometres (36,500 miles) of pipeline taps into virtually all major gas supply basins in North America. TransCanada is one of the continent’s largest providers of gas storage and related services with approximately 360 billion cubic feet of storage capacity. A growing independent power producer, TransCanada also owns, or has interests in, approximately 7,700 megawatts of power generation.

The company has received over $12MM in funding so far and expects another $15MM in Dec. 07 (Debt Instruments no dilution) any further financing is bank financing and non-dilutive.

- 8 shallow gas wells already in place
- 10 new wells to be drilled in the fall and connected to the TransCanada pipeline
- Planned for 1543 gas wells and 267 oil wells
- Projected Gross Profit for Dec 08 = $30,000,000 ($0.13 PS) and Net Income of $24,000,000 ($0.10 PS)
- Project Gross Profit for Dec 10 = $215,000,000 ($0.93 PS) and Net Income of $195,000,000 ($0.85)
- Multiple on Gross Profit 5X = $4.95 per share
- Multiple on Gross Profit 7X = $6.51 per share
- Multiple on Gross Profit 10X = $9.30 per share


Nicolas Matossian, Ph.D., Director and Chairman of the Board /Acting President

Nicolas Matossian holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from McGill University (1960), and M.B.A. from Harvard University (1967) and a Ph.D. from McGill University (1980). Dr. Matossian was a Professor of Economics in the Faculty of Management of McGill University from 1968 to 1971, Director of Operations of the Manitoba Development Corporation from 1971 to 1973, and Managing Partner of ERA Consulting Economics Inc., an economic and business consultant to the Canadian Federal Government, major corporations and financial institutions, from 1973 to 1992. Concurrently, in 1982 Dr. Matossian founded Grey Horse Resources Ltd., a private oil and gas company, and in 1998 founded Great West Oil and Gas Limited Partnership. Subsequently, Dr. Matossian was senior consultant and later Chief Operating Officer of the Cedar Group Inc., a publicly-listed U.S. holding company and the owner of several businesses, including Dominion Bridge Inc. from 1994 to 1998. Dr. Matossian served as a city councilor for the City of Westmount (Montreal) from 1990 until 2003. Dr. Matossian is currently the President of 935063 Alberta Ltd. and Great West Oil and Gas Co. Ltd., a Director of Huntington Capital (TSX-V), Chairman of Dairy Fresh Technologies Ltd. (DYFR-BB-NASD), Dairy One Ltd. (NNCP-PK-NASD) and Midland Baring Financial Group (MDBF-PK-NASD).

John Parry, Independent Director and Executive Committee Member

John B. Parry is a Petroleum Landman with 29 years of experience in all aspects of Petroleum land and exploration management in Canada and the United States. He is currently employed by Canadian Natural Resources Limited as a Senior Mineral Negotiator. Previously Mr. Parry has consulted to oil and gas companies and was the President and Director of Torino Oil & Gas Limited, a publicly traded, exploration and production company active in Canada and the United States. Mr. Parry has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Calgary in Political Science and Economics; he is also a member of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Landmen and the American Association of Petroleum Landmen.

Allen Soltis, Director and COO

Allen Soltis is the business team leader and is one of the key architects of Company’s relationships with First Nations, and has extensive experience in negotiations and in consulting to enterprises in start-up and restructuring situations, primarily in resource industries. He brings over 25 years of business experience, primarily in the area of negotiations with First Nations groups in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, including the drafting of co-management agreements, and negotiations involving resource development and treaty issues. He has earned the respect and trust of First Nations groups in the Region, and is uniquely positioned to look after the social, environmental and business interests of all stakeholders in the resource development activities of the forestry and oil and gas industries.

Mr. Soltis has worked on a large number projects involving different resources in the past, and was part of a team that explored and drilled natural gas wells in the Cummings and Viking Zones in the Grand Prairie area. He has been the team leader for consultants to oil companies in negotiations for land rights and acquisition, and has successfully acquired for such companies over 300,000 ha of land for exploration.

During his tenure as a negotiator and resource consultant, he has successfully negotiated, with such major industry players, as Esso, Chevron, Shell, Nova and others, agreements to provide long-term, sustainable relations for the development and exploration of oil and gas resources that were beneficial to both industry and community interests.

Ron Evans, C.A., Director and CFO

Ron Evans is a chartered accountant and partner in a Vancouver-based insolvency and restructuring practice. Mr. Evans has more than 25 years professional and business experience in Canada and New Zealand, including receiverships, viability assessments, business restructuring and workouts, forensic accounting and due diligence. Mr. Evans has advised and/or been actively involved as a principal in numerous business startups and restructuring activities over the last ten years, and in his professional capacity consults to institutions and shareholder groups both on formal appointments as Receiver (either by Court or Client appointment) and on viability and turnaround strategies for businesses in financial distress or with shareholder or other disputes that threaten the financial stability of the business.

David C. Hayes, Ph. D., Director

After earning his Ph.D. in Accounting at Ohio State University, David Hayes worked as a tenured professor in the Faculty of Commerce at The University of British Columbia for almost ten years. Subsequently, he has been primarily involved in the financial services industry in a number of executive positions in both the brokerage and portfolio management sides of the business. Additionally, he has served as both a senior executive and director of a number of public companies listed in Canada and the USA, and has acted as CFO for several of them over the last five years.

Frank van der Vliet, Executive Vice President

Mr. van der Vliet was instrumental in the rapid growth of Fair Sky Resources, a publicly trading junior oil and gas company and is currently serving as a director and VP Exploration of Traxion Energy, a junior oil and gas company going public. Mr. van der Vliet has worked as a petroleum exploration geologist for over 30 years for both large and junior oil and gas operators. Mr. van der Vliet was Chief Operating Officer, co-founder and a director of Tectonc Energy. Prior to that, he was VP Exploration of Brigdon Resources. Mr. van der Vliet holds a B.Sc., Geology Degree from the University of Calgary and a Petroleum Technology Diploma (Geology) from S.A.I.T.

Mr. George Gluszak, VP Exploration

Mr. Gluszak has over 25 years in the oil and gas industry in both technical and managerial positions. His expertise includes all aspects of geophysical analysis starting from field program design and costing, acquisition and supervision, processing analysis, quality control, final interpretation and coordination of other professionals and management.

Office location
200, 638 11th Avenue
Calgary, Alberta
T2R 0E2

Main number - 403 410-3819
Fax number - 403 410-3854
fourseven  - posted
Great DD, Rebel!

I like the chart, too. Support at .12 (and further at .07) with resistance at .20, .32, .40 and .50

Pretty good volume last couple of days. I'd wait for a breakout above .20 before going long.
ScottSA  - posted
what chart 47? I can't find it on stockcharts. Thanks in advance.
fourseven  - posted
Dunno why Stockcharts wouldn't have it. Anyway.. I cook my own charts.. my main server is down for a move, but here's a temporary copy of the LCOL chart:

ScottSA  - posted
T e x  - posted
Originally posted by fourseven:
Dunno why Stockcharts wouldn't have it. Anyway.. I cook my own charts.. my main server is down for a move, but here's a temporary copy of the LCOL chart:


kewl...what software do you use to roll your own?
fourseven  - posted
Originally posted by T e x:
Originally posted by fourseven:
Dunno why Stockcharts wouldn't have it. Anyway.. I cook my own charts.. my main server is down for a move, but here's a temporary copy of the LCOL chart:

kewl...what software do you use to roll your own?
It's something I've written myself.. right now it only shows support/resistance, but eventually it will do swings and trends as well. It's part of a website I'm building -- a paper portfolio / stock picks / message board combo.. Not ready to invite people yet, but I'll send out links when the time is right.

Uhh.. I hate it when people hijack threads to blabber on about some off-topic thing.. [Smile]

LCOL not doing much today ... poked at resistance once, now back down to .16
ScottSA  - posted
For whatever reason, it's now showing on stockcharts. A/d is going is the wrong direction...I wouldn't bite on this one right now...
renrob05  - posted
Originally posted by ScottSA:
For whatever reason, it's now showing on stockcharts. A/d is going is the wrong direction...I wouldn't bite on this one right now...

I disagree
RebelGirl  - posted
This is setting up for a move. The company is in the process of listing on the Aim exchange, similar to our Amex here.

I've done extensive DD.

Look for some positive developements outlined as early as monday.
RebelGirl  - posted
Breaking here at .235,,,buyers stepping in from calgary,,going over .30 IMO.
celipro  - posted
Rebel, Do you have a link for an article discussing LCOL moving onto the aim exhange.
RebelGirl  - posted
LEC is pursuing a new listing on the AIM market in London, which, subject to regulatory approvals and general market conditions, is expected to take effect before year end. Following such listing it is intended that LCOL will spin off its interest in LEC to its shareholders, subject to all relevant regulatory approvals
fourseven  - posted
Hmm. In at .20 in the morning..

Short-term support around .20, resistance around .25, by my figuring...
fourseven  - posted
Some Wednesday morning news, for all its worth:

Lotta Coal, Inc. announced today that pursuant to its agreement with Swan River Energy, it has acquired in excess of 25km of 2D seismic data. "This acquisition fulfills the Company's obligations under the agreement, pursuant to which it has earned petroleum and natural gas rights to approximately 10,700 acres of Swan River First Nation Reserve lands. It also provides a base for an initial interpretation of the geological formations present in the area," said Company President Dr. Nicolas Matossian. "We look forward to receiving the preliminary report from our Geological and Geophysical team early next week."


Lotta Coal, Inc. announced today that Chief Financial Officer Ron Evans, along with several other Company representatives met last week in High Level, Alberta with certain key representatives of Beaver First Nation, to carry out aerial surveying to map out its proposed pipeline route and drilling locations for this fall. "The participation of our Beaver First Nation partners in all aspects of our operations, from planning through to execution, is integral and is resulting in joint decisions that are optimal to all stakeholders," said Mr. Evans.

"The proposed pipeline will initially link the Company's eight existing wells, provide for its proposed fall and winter drilling programs, and will ultimately be an important part of the pipeline network for the Company's 164 wells projected for its current Boyer lands," said Company President Dr. Nicolas Matossian.


Lotta Coal, Inc. today commented on its recent share price spike. Nicolas Matossian, President and CEO, stated: "As a matter of company policy, Lotta Coal is not in a position to comment on share trading activity. However, given the recent share price spike we wish to advise the market that we are continuing to aggressively pursue the tie-in of our existing wells, the acquisition of additional exploration and production rights, the exploration of our existing properties, and obtaining independent engineering reports on the potential reserve value of the existing properties. We will make appropriate, timely announcements of important developments as they occur."

"In the meantime, Company representatives will be in London in coming weeks to meet with institutional investors who have expressed interest in the Company's projects, and to proceed toward its proposed listing on the AIM exchange," added CFO Ron Evans.
fourseven  - posted
What I don't like, is that there's some pumper sites talking about LCOL.. and both mention it today in their "news". Could get volatile all of a sudden..
ScottSA  - posted
Well, IMO .05 is a good entry for LCOL. I'll drop some money in it if I can get it there. It'll probably dip over the next few days in the whiplash of the Alberta tax announcement.

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