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T O P I C     R E V I E W
chewmanfoo  - posted
I'm a total noob - I bought 170K shares of this stock at 0.0003 - it seems to be stuck there! How could a stock with 229,408,764 volume just sit at the same price for this many days?

Does anyone own this as well? Are you waiting?

hazeleyesluisa  - posted
Dont kick yourself yet.
Your not alone on this one.
I am holding a few 100 thousands and its been a while just sitting and waiting. [Wink]
quickpicker  - posted
I own 1 500 000 of this. Could be a waiting game. Any news of contracts will move this significantly.
coalkickin  - posted
I had 500,000...sold half at sitting on 250K..I keep waiting for that "news" that I fear will never come...
Abstract_1dea  - posted
I am bored with this one too. But I am holding on. Perhaps a breakout soon.

I have a couple of these that I didn't really put a whole lot of money into but they have the possibility of paying off.

You know, of course, the day after you dump it, some kind of news will shoot the stock skyward right?
hazeleyesluisa  - posted
that is true, happens alot when you wait and then once you sold it, bam!!! it goes skyhigh.
But, I'll be waiting just like coalkickin.
Abstract_1dea  - posted
So you say to "chewmanfoo"

"patience Grasshopper"
quickpicker  - posted
I held cnes for a month and then bam. It went from .0003 to 0ver .002 Sometimes patience pays off. I am going to hold for a while longer yet.
MoneyMoneyMoney  - posted
I've got 5 million and am waiting patiently. Patience is a virtue when playing with the MM's.

Time is vacation!!!!
kdb83182  - posted
I agree, I'm holding 18M on this one. I think it will move and I don't care if it takes a while.
rabbu1234  - posted
i got 3 Mill at .0003...
kenzone  - posted
Am I the only one that missed this PR??

If you go to DDSI homepage and click on "news", this does not show up under the listings? but if you go to the bottom of the page there are 4 PR's for 2006. here is the link to the last one dated 3/8.

There are 3 more...3/6, 2/22, 1/06.

coalkickin  - posted
That was from July 8...I believe
coalkickin  - posted bad...they are from 2006??
jrussin2006  - posted
I've got 7mm and will wait also. All the volume with no movement is hard to understand. This will go up eventually with or without news, because of the sector it is in. GLTA
chewmanfoo  - posted
I bought 250K at .0003 just to show my card-carrying newbie status for the world to see. Waiting...
sdjss1013  - posted
could anyone get filled at .0002???
sdjss1013  - posted
i just got 1 500 000 at .0003 but couldnt get in at .0002
sdjss1013  - posted
another 1.49 mil * .0003
netfreak  - posted
Port Security is a hot topic right now therefore, this stock should move eventually... I have 2M shares of this stock and holding....
logical buyer  - posted
I have 7.5 million shares. I have owned this for a couple of months. It is at its lowest POS of 2006. .0002/.0003.

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