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T O P I C     R E V I E W
one2watchny  - posted
keep on radar....started bounce off bottom and plenty room to run; .90 now...
dp2002  - posted
I have been watching it for a minute. But I do not know what to make out of yesterday's .24 day

What do you think it could of been. I am watching this one to see if it is the next stynger systems.
<friscobb>  - posted
LLI involved in some shady deals! stay away from this POS

David Baines exposes Vancouver scumbag Trent Jordan, discovers common link to SVSE:

Saturday June 4, 2005

Facts don’t matter when money’s to be made


The pen may be mightier than the sword, but its no match for a good stock promotion.

Last Saturday, I questioned the bona fides of Lampered Less Lethal Ltd., a junior company
that has developed a range of weapons for civil defence that use ”less lethal” munitions,
such as rubber bullets, which incapacitate rather than kill.

I noted that, according to president Barry Lampered, the weapons business has
“never weapons business has “never made a dime in its life,” and the company’s
principal promoter is Trent Jordan, who was fired from his previous job as a
broker at Levesque Securities in Vancouver for various misdeeds.

Lampered Less Lethal went public earlier this year by merging with an OTC
Bulletin Board shell company controlled by Jordan. In the process,
Mercer Investments Inc., a private company run by Jordan,
ended up with 2.99 million shares.

Another private company, Higgs Invesments Group Inc., has bought, or has
the right to buy, a total of 4.5 million shares at $1.25 to $1.40. Higgs
is domiciled in the Turks and Caicos, a well-known tax and secrecy haven.

Barry Lampered told me Jordan is also “involved” in this company,
but isn’t sure in what capacity.

Despite Lampered Less Lethal’s lack of financial fundamentals and Jordan’s
checkered history (not to mention the rather unnerving fact that an unknown
offshore company has a bunch of shares that could potentially rain on this parade),
I noted that the stock price has climbed to a high of $3.26 US for a total market
capitalization of $165,000 US, an outrageously high figure.

I thought these revelations might prompt investors to reconsider, but the stock
actually gained ground, reached, reaching $4.43 by Thursday. I do not think for
a moment, however, that this is a reflection of the company’s financial prospects,
rather it is the result of its promotional methods.

One of Lamperd’s principal boosters is Geoffrey Eiten, editor of OTC
Stock Growth Report, based in Needham, Mass. He has written an hysterically
upbeat report that has been e-mailed to hundreds of thousands of potential
investors. Here are some excerpts:

- “Lampered Less Lethal Inc. has staked a commanding position in global non-lethal
weapons manufacturing. And if history repeats itself, you could see profit-making
action that will blow you away!”

- “Though I’m only ‘officially’ saying that Lampered Less Lethal (LLLI) stockholders
could see 600% growth in 24 months, my less conservative side says that LLLI stock
in 2005 could repeat the Taser story [referring to Taser International, the maker of
Taser stun guns] and yield results like the mind-blowing 5,611% growth figure that
made TASR investors millions. You do not want to be on the sidelines as this story unfolds!”

- “Lampered Less Lethal projects its sales will hit a whopping $28 million by the end
of 2006! That’s over $3.5 million more revenue than Taser saw at its sales peak.”

Lest you wonder about his credentials, Eiten advises that, “Over the years, the
stock picks I’ve published for OTC Growth Stock Watch subscribers have, on average,
grown 320% from the date of my recommendation to each stocks’ subsequent high!”

I have no way of verifying this figure, but I am familiar with some of his picks,
as they haven’t quite reached that standard. One was Silver Star Energy of Vancouver,
an OTCBB company which has oil and gas properties in California and Alberta.

In November 2004, when the stock was trading at about a dollar, Eiten opined that
the stock “could potentially gain 300%-600% in less than 18 months,
turning every $10,000 into $30,000, or even $60,000”

Eiten was particularly enamoured of Silver Star’s management.
“Typically, when I investigate a stock that I’m going to recommend to my readers,
I take a hard look at the management team. I want to be certain that the company
has a great business opportunity backed by someone who can seize that opportunity
and build it into a great moneymaking business.”

He neglected to mention that nine months earlier, members of the RCMP’s
Integrated Market Enforcement Team had raided Silver Star’s Vancouver Office,
searching for information to support their contention that five key management
and insider figures were orchestrating a classic “pump and dump” stock fraud.
The investigation is still in progress. Meanwhile, the stock has more
than halved to 44 cents.

Anyway, getting back to Lampered Less Lethal, the most interesting part of
Eiten’s e-mail blast is the disclaimer, which reveals the Higgs Investments –
our mysterious Turks and Caicos company – paid $92,610 US to distribute the e-mail.

“Higgs Investments Ltd. is neither a broker-dealer nor investments advisor,”
the disclaimer advises, “but is a shareholder in Lampered Less Lethal Inc.,
holding five hundred thousand shares of Lampered Less Lethal Inc. stock
which is free to be publicly traded (sold) at any time by Higgs Investments Ltd.”

That is an interesting revelation. This offshore company which is purportedly
associated with Jordan but whose beneficial owners are not precisely known,
has paid nearly $100,000 US to tout the stock. It has proved a worthwhile
investment: At this juncture, Higgs’ entire block of 4.5 million shares has
appreciated by more than $10 million US with no demonstrable improvement
in the company’s fundamentals.

No, it’s not likely that my pen will impede the juggernaut. Not at this stage,
anyway. There’s just too much money to be made.

bdgee  - posted
Something iks fishy, with <friscobb>'s post. It reports that, " but the stock
actually gained ground, reached, reaching $4.43 by Thursday", while the actual price of the stock looks to have been below $1 since back in August....,uu[h,a]daclyyay[pb50!b200][vc60][iUb14!La12,26,9]&pref=G

Or maybe there is more than one stock LLLI and called Lamperd Less Lethal Inc. ???

Wonder why <friscobb> doesn't bother to register?
Realm007  - posted
Why did it go from .50 to around .90, OVER OVER SOLD and News:

September 29 , 2005
Current Communications Between ATF & Affiliates
SARNIA, Ontario – September 29, 2005 – The Defender I has been authorized for import to the United States as a destructive device under the National Firearms Act section 5845c.

If more news and PR follow we will see.

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