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T O P I C     R E V I E W
derek111c  - posted
GAXI oil play
been putting out new over last few months about gas well aquisitions.
Been watching for a while
This stock does not seem to quit
Seems to use 50day ema as a support
I know quite a gain in short period, but I think could be a good play to try and catch with stop set below 50day EMA.
would wait for next pullback before buying
but over next few months could be very rewarding and with minimal risk with use of stop orders set below 50 day EMA
I don't own this, but figured would point it out.

Good luck to all traders


Purl Gurl  - posted
I have been watching GAXI for a long time.

Recent price hikes are nice but I am having
problems with this. I just don't see those
prices holding well.

Prices starting going up with the recent
rise in oil price and the explosion over
in Southern Europe. Looks this started
a feeding frenzy.

I suspect some investors are going to
get burnt on this. Could be wrong.

GAXI has no cash flow, has increasing
losses, extremely high debt and are
basically kept afloat by oil price
increases, not increased production.
They have no producing wells, none
which are profitable.

These new acquisitions, primarily
mineral rights previously pumped
dry. There is not much there, not
enough to be very profitable.

Over one dollar a share rise with
that type of financial status, no,
I just don't see prices holding;
this is a feeding frenzy.

I could be wrong, probably am, but
there just isn't enough there for
me, personally, to feel comfortable
about buying in, even at a price
one dollar lower.

Purl Gurl

derek111c  - posted
nice post Pure Girl
I have just noticed this one last week
I usually don't even consider stocks that have taken off with out me.
I did not get in depth fundamentally,
but I liked the way it seemed to follow a technical pattern based on the moving avgs. I figured that if this trend continued that one could play this one out with the proper use of stop orders for a nice profit. Just a theory I have. I made a friendly bet with a guy at work for bragging rights that this stock would see over five by March. That was when it was about 2.6. Will see what happens. I plan to just watch this one and study what happens. The volatility of this stock is why I would highly recommend using a stop order. I know it seems ovbious, but I would hate for someone new out there to take an unnecessary loss
nice post Pure Girl
good luck to you

Purl Gurl  - posted
Lot of people play the bandwagons, and a lot
of people make good money. GAXI is clearly
making money for some.

I am too conservative for those types
of plays, but would not discourage
others from taking this type of risk,
as long as you know what you are doing.

Lot of profit, lot of loss, lot of risks.

Purl Gurl

derek111c  - posted
I think you have a very good trading philosophy. In my opinion a good trading philosophy is one of most valuable characteristics that a trader can have. I read your advice about consistancy and the importance of research on the microcap board. I agree with you completly, especially when dealing with some of the stocks listed on that borad under $.10 research is everything. Many tools such as stop orders I found a while ago were not an option for me most of the time when dealing with microcaps. I believe it is safe to say Being smart and conservative(not greedy) leads to consistancy. Consistany leads to success. I have been studying GAXI because I have reciently been trying to study technical analysis a bit more. I found all kinds of interesting information off of Some stuff such as MACD and bollinger bands I don't feel I have a great understanding of, but I will continue to try and learn more about them.
I will definetly be watching for your picks
good night to you


Purl Gurl  - posted
GAXI, down twenty-five cents per share today.

This is the risk of bandwagon stocks.

Purl Gurl

Purl Gurl  - posted
Now down thirty-three cents per share,
in the first hour of trading.

Not a big surprise, yes?

Shorters are making big bucks off
the pumpers.

Purl Gurl

derek111c  - posted
It follows this trend
It becomes over accumlated after strength index reaches certain point. Then falls to the 50day EMA point before rebounding usually higer than the previous run. Appears will most likely fall to around 2.9 before rebounding if the trend continues.
But you never know, brings to mind the old saying past performance does not guarantee future results.
Purl Gurl  - posted
I would expect a rebound for stocks with
good financial strength, such as LQMT
and STG stock.

GAXI has zero strength.

Glassman pointed out Market Makers will
drive prices down to snap up shares,
knowing prices will rise again. LQMT
and STG are following your pattern,
quite well, Derek. This affirms what
you write, adequately. You are right
on target.

GAXI, though, probably will be a rebound
at some point. However, GAXI does not
have the financial strength to support
prices above 2.50 per share or so, and
that is really pushing it.

Look at the history of IVAN to confirm
this type of bandwagon inflation and
sudden price drop. Do not buy IVAN. It
is just a good study stock. Compare the
news which came out, by date, to the
changes in prices.

IVAN, a lot, I mean a lot of investors
made very poor decisions to buy in on
worthless news; they don't have a clue.

Give close attention to news about IVAN
being included in the S&P index. That
news costs investors millions of dollars
in losses because of poor decision making.

Purl Gurl


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