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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Purl Gurl  - posted
Nano, in mathematical and scientific worlds,
is significantly small than micro. Nano is
measurements down to one-billionth of a unit,
like one-billionth of second, a nanosecond.

Macro, contrasting this, is very large, like
macrocosm, another word for our universe.

In our universe there are macro-crazy people
investing in nano-tech stocks. Remember the
dot com bubble, the Enron bubble? Well, a
nano-bubble is in the makings, is huge and
about to burst.

Mad Cow! Bush "Fly Me To The Moon" lunacy!
Millions of macro-dollars lost because of
jumping on some square wheeled bandwagon
being drawn by a jackass.

Nano-technology, I see investors chasing
after, jumping on the nano-bandwagon. Lots
of losses in the makings.

Investors are buying nano-tech stock simply
because somebody, somewhere, brayed like
a mule, "Nano-tech is hot!"

Currently, there are many companies with
no income, high debt, default loans, on
the verge of bankruptcy, with stock prices
skyrocketing on a macro scale. Prices are
up anywhere from fifty to three-hundred
percent, for worthless stock.

USGA, have to laugh, have to feel pity.
Looked at it at .75 per share, decided not
to buy because they have no financial
history, have no revenue worth mentioning,
and appears to be a typical media blitz
type scam worthy of Las Vegas, a city
where all visitors never lose money.

Good ol' USGA jumped to 1.50 or so, then
promptly fell to .95 per share. This was
the first roll of wheels for a bandwagon.
For reasons beyond me, someone shouted,
"Mad Cow Stock!" and ZOOM, prices took off
soaring for USGA, a stock which has nothing
to do with Mad Cow.

Another player steps in and shouts for
emphasis, "Nano-tech Stock!"

Now USGA is trading over 2.00 per share.

USGA has a value of .75 per share.

BIPH, no income, no sales, heavy RED INK,
absolutely no financial history other than
sucking up money for research, another
nano-tech stock with no future promise.

Looked at BIPH at .40 and decided to wait
for prices to fall to realistic levels.
Another mule brayed, "Nano-tech Stock!"
BIPH is at 1.36 per falling from 1.65
per share. The bubble is about to burst,
on a MACRO scale.

Look at BIPH. Most recent 10Q shows almost
a million in losses and research aimed at
MRI devices, a dead-end industry, despite
heavy media blitz for FONR, a stock rising
despite increasing losses and falling sales.
I am sure you have heard radio advertisements
for FONAR, any position MRI scans.

Do yourself a macro-favor, don't jump on
the nano-tech bandwagon. It's a macro-bubble
about to burst and turn into a blackhole,
a huge blackhole which will suck in your
money and your sanity.

Nano-technology, Macro-crazy.

Purl Gurl


glassman  - posted
PG you are right scientifically--(2 lls looks wrong)--nano is a big bubble--eventually it will yield some real products-- if you pick up SCIENCE you will find that the most educated brains on the planet are happy to form perfect carbon nano-tubules and that's about it. But as a liberal arts major you need to keep in mind that the markets have about the same psyche as hollywood--the finer movies are on IFC.
Purl Gurl  - posted
Hollywood? Make that Hollyweird.

You haven't seen weird until you visit
Venice Beach here in California.

A bit more than a decade back, I was
fortunate enough to jam with rocker
Pat Benatar in a small garage near
the beach. I play a cello. Boy oh
boy, Hollywood people are very much
right wing Republican compared to
what is walking around on Venice Beach.

Problem with bandwagon stocks is prices
can fall faster than you can enter your
sell orders.

I had this happen to me, once, and only
once. I learned my lesson. Prices on a
stock fell so fast in one day, because
of Market Maker manipulation, I could
not sell, even with dropping ten cents
to twenty cents below current market.
Prices slid right on by my sell orders.

End of the day, I was down over $2000
and really wigging. I ended up having
to buy more shares, one-half of what
I was holding, to cut my losses down
by one-half. Worked out ok. Two months
later I actually ended making a twenty
percent profit.

Nonetheless, bandwagon stocks can and will
fall faster than you can sell.

I made a personal rule to never jump on
bandwagon stocks. That rule has paid off
many times. Consider, my $2000 loss is
enough to wipe out your previous profits
over a period of a month. All your efforts
at making a profit, poof, gone in a flash.

Bandwagon stocks, the risks are too high.

Purl Gurl

glassman  - posted
Absolutely right--I am defintitely not trying to convince you to change your style-- I admire your linguistic ability as well as your judgement-- just trying to encourage you to continue posting on the other board.After checking here noticed that you did. Pleased. Some of the stuff posted down there outrages my tiny sense of righteousness at times.
Many Venice Beach types in the art biz. One such brilliant artist once told me that he thought art buyers purchsed his work to get a vicarious thrill from sampling his lifestyle. It takes all kinds--LOL

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