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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Tman  - posted
Thak you for your help on NT. looks like I got out at the right price yesterday.(2 day solid slide down)

I like your LQMT pick and have had an order for two days now at $2.85, it looks like it is realy trying to break open over the $3 dollar range.

After the past few days what do you think a good price is to get in? I can be patient if you think it wil still come back down into the high $2 range but I don't want to miss the break out on this one. so far today it hit $3.25 WOW higher highs and higher lows

[This message has been edited by Tman (edited January 22, 2004).]

Purl Gurl  - posted
I have am watching LQMT very closely today.

This is what is taking place. Right at the
opening bell, Market Makers began buying
their own shares, to drive prices up. This
is the spike you saw.

A good seventy to eighty percent of today's
volume in LQMT is Market Makers playing games
and suckering private investors.

Here is how this works, using a Market Maker
with the symbol NITE.

NITE holds 200,000 shares of LQMT at price
well below current trading prices.

At opening bell, NITE buys 107 shares of its
own stock, at two cents over market. Another
Market Maker jumps in, does the same. Private
investors think, "It is going up!" and they
start buying. NITE dribbles out another 333
shares, two cents over market. Other Market
Makers know what is going on, and join in.
Private investors, "Its going up!" and they
buy more. These type of events took place
almost all morning. A lot of people were
suckered out their money by these games.

Eventually the "sucker" market dries up
and prices begin to fall.

Now Market Makers focus on driving prices
down, hoping to set-off "panic" selling.
This has not worked to well today.

Market Makers were able to drive prices up,
but did not sell much at high prices. They
did not have luck driving prices down, so
they moved out of the market. Currently,
what you see are private investors buying
at too high of a price.

Volume is too low today to support selling
above 3.00 per share, if you are holding
thousands of shares. This is why we dumped
yesterday at 2.95 per share, knowing volume
was good and we could unload, no problem.

Give LQMT a few weeks, it will dip down
quite a bit. This is the time to buy, like
around 2.80 to 2.85 per share, then ride
it for a month, back up to 3.00 per share.

There is a risk. Should LQMT issue a good
10Q between now and anticipated price drops,
stock price will skyrocket. Most 10Q filings
are due now, and more will be coming out
next week, and following weeks.

Currently, we will not buy until prices
fall to 2.80 to 2.85, but this might be
adjusted if LQMT shows good strength at
higher prices.

Pretty risky now. Way back at 2.35 per
share, a sure bet of making money. Now
profit margins will be very narrow and
you will have to buy thousands of shares
to make a good price.

My opinion is to take a "wait and see"
stance, rather than take a high risk.

LQMT is a strong company, a good stock,
it will eventually go up more in value.
Trick is timing when to buy back in.

In closing, if you have a live feed, a
level 2 feed, Market Makers can be spotted
because they almost always buy in odd
amounts, like 377 shares, 105, 777, 633,
really "weird" amounts. Guess what? This
is a signal to other Market Makers what
is going on; deliberate manipulation.

This is why I feel so strong about the
Feds prosecuting Marker Makers under RICO.
They are, in fact, conspiring to steal
money from private investors. These signals
they send to each other, is clear evidence
of organized crime.

NT stock, yes, lost 37 cents today already!
You made a great decision to sell!

Purl Gurl

Tman  - posted
Thank you very much, I will take the wait and see attitude with LQMT and watch it closely.

THANKS for the info on how MMs buy, I do have a live feed but am still learning it is nice to know that they buy odd amounts, now I can keep eye for this type buying.

[This message has been edited by Tman (edited January 22, 2004).]

Purl Gurl  - posted
Something else for you, Tman.

When you see huge blocks being bought, like
5,000 - 10,000 - 40,000 for a stock which
is over $2.00 per share, this is real strong
signal prices are going to go up.

This is not true for stocks, oh under a buck
or so. Usually, buys for stocks falling in
the under a dollar range, are 5,000 shares.
This would be very common; private investors
often buy 5,000 to 10,000 shares at a time
for inexpensive stocks.

Look at your live feed for LQMT. Right now
you will see 100, 200, maybe 1,000 shares
being bought, but most under 500 shares.
Those are private investors.

Be a little careful on "odd" amounts being
bought. Odd amounts, assume Market Makers.
However, Market Makers will buy 100, 200
or 300 shares at higher prices, from just
about anyone, to drive prices up. They can
do this because they are usually sitting
on 50,000 or more shares. They don't care
if they have to buy a few hundred shares,
even a thousand shares, to run prices up.
When prices are up, they will quickly start
dumping their large holdings.

Keep in mind, Market Makers play the reverse
game as well. They will sell small amounts
at increasingly lower prices to drive prices
downward, then suddenly start buying large
amounts of stock to load up.

What will they do next? Start driving prices
back up again.

Look at charts for TXCC, recently. See that
huge dip? Market Markets did that. Today
prices have recovered to what they should be.

Market Makers play nothing but games with
total disregard for private investors.

Learn their games to both protect yourself
and to profit by following their moves.

I always keep in mind when I profit because
of Market Maker games, I am being just as
unethical as they. This does bother me to
a degree but does not stop me from taking
a profit. This is quite the paradox.

Purl Gurl

Purl Gurl  - posted
Tman, you watching?

Nice dip this morning to 2.90 per share.

Give LQMT a little time, maybe later
today, maybe early next week, and it
should move back into a buy range
somewhere around 2.85 per share.

Have another one, STG, which might move
into a nice buy range 2.70 to 2.75 per
share. STG has about the same value
as LQMT stock.

Sold LQMT at 2.95 and sold STG at 2.95
on the same day. STG is usually ten
cents per share less than LQMT stock.

Purl Gurl


Tman  - posted
Yes, I am watchning, I also saw a lot of the odd sales you were talking about in SUNW, GNBT, BIPH.
Thank you,

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