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T O P I C     R E V I E W
raf  - posted
My english is not so good...
ibzt announced today that it has retained CEOcast to lead its Investor Relations campaign. In this role, CEOcast is expected to expand the awareness of the company's broad range of PDA and hand-held devices accessories among the investment community.
is this a big news???
Bart  - posted
NO! It is some ok news but nothing big at all. It will help in getting some more PR which we need very very badly. The BIG news will be when we get the number of orders for this new keyboard and what companys are going to sell it. I think that will be a real big day when we get that! My opinion!
Let the MONSTER EAT. Hang tough the day is coming!
Bart  - posted
RAF! This could be a wild afternoon for IBZT! More news came out that they aquired another company!! Tthis is good news. Not great yet but good. This MONSTER should get a pop up on this! Will keep you posted! Let the MONSTER EAT!!!
raf  - posted
after bullish weeks,it looks like the stock is searching for the bottom.
i hope that was today.
i will sell it at .20 and not before.
call me crazy.

Neo  - posted
Hey i just got of the phone with etrade it seems that the dip seen on all the charts is wrong, i placed a limit bid to buy at .029 but it never went through so i called up and as she did reserch she found that what acually hapened is some market guy on wallstreet ented in one to many zeros and then corrected it so today had a false low
Bart  - posted
RAF! It is hard for me to call you crazy!
My sell price is (hang on) $3.00. Now who
do you think is crazy! Let the MONSTER EAT!
raf  - posted
this is not the first time,they just playin
with it. they wait for panic to buy a lot of shares.did you saw what trac did last two days???
Bart  - posted
YES! I watch this thing all day long! It is getting ready to exploded to the upside I think. May take a few more days but it is coming! When they report sells #s we will move up very rapidly. That is what the investors are waiting for. The aquiring of that company today only made my convictions that much stronger. I am very very Bullish on this stock! Let this MONSTER EAT! No way would I sell one of my shares now, If you sell now and that PR hits on the sells #s
you will have trouble ever buying back in at a low price and probably miss that days big run!

[This message has been edited by Bart (edited January 21, 2004).]

midnightz  - posted
i use Ample (IMIWeb) to trade, but it doesn't seem to deal in IBZT, or any other penny shares for that matter.

what online trader would people recommend for someone who wants to buy into companies, such as IBZT?


ps is it too late to buy into IBZT?

rajarammx  - posted
Actually I think it will get to 1 US within the next 2.5 months.....Now thats crazy.....


adaxwrax  - posted
I use a divison of ameritrade but you need $5000 to open or $5000 worth of stock from another broker to transfer in.
Troysland  - posted
I use etrade its ok I think you need $2000 to open Margin account $10 a trade make sure you talk to someone when you set it up, unlike me (just started trading) I set up a cash account I bought stock but could not sell it. Good luck!!
raf  - posted
iBIZ Technology Corp. announced it is positioning its Virtual Keyboard device in retail markets to compete with traditional keyboards. Once available in consumer outlets, iBIZ anticipates sales to exceed 100K units a month.
Bart  - posted
RAF! Where did you get this from? I can not find it anywhere!
Drewdog1  - posted
I use Scottrade, it is $7 for real-time trades and $12 for stocks under $1. Plus if you refer me we both get free trades, heh
Drewdog1  - posted
also IMO IBZT will go up even further, once another PR comes out. I bought some shares yesterday
raf  - posted
Bart  - posted
RAF! That should help! The MONSTER IS STARTING TO EAT! go ibzt! Very good find. I do not know why this did not hit the news in the open market????? This is very good news.

[This message has been edited by Bart (edited January 22, 2004).]

[This message has been edited by Bart (edited January 22, 2004).]

Bart  - posted
RAF! You still with us???? Eat MONSTER Eat!
OilMan  - posted
Hang on to your harnesses the rig is startin to shake..... passing 24,000' and pounding pay dirt! Back pressure at 15,000 lbs and building...... what a show this is gonna be!!!!!!!!!!!
Bart  - posted
OilMan! Please do not pump this stock! You know it is going to make us a lot of money! Just say IBZT is black gold Texas Tea or it's a gusher. See thats not pumping the stock! GREAT! GREAT! GREAT! As the ground shakes I doubt if we will ever be able to cap this thing. Hopefully not! I really like your stile. Eat MONSTER Eat

RAJ: Do not worry about if someone thinks that you are pumping IBZT. You are just saying what you think and trying to help with your insight on a great stock! More people are coming on board each day from things that have been said! I agree totally with you and Steve and OilMan. We are going places! I have made alot of money already on this stock listening to you guys and will make a hugh amount more. This thing is like a fine wine> Do sell it before its time. Thats a long way OOOOOOFFFFFFF!

[This message has been edited by Bart (edited January 27, 2004).]

RAF  - posted
hy bart. of course i'm here 12 hours a day!
but you know i live in italy,so the time of your post 20.15 is 08.00 a.m. by me,and i'm sleeping and dreaming about ibzt at 3$.
so...let the monster eat and beat!
Bart  - posted
RAF: Glad to here from you! I was shocked to find out you were Italy. Thats great!
Now as OilMan would say BOYS WATCH OUT SHE'S GOING TO BLOW! And as I would say Eat MONSTER Eat. We are still going up on no news. Wait till we get some good NEWS. Then UP UP and Away!
TMTA_trader  - posted
IBZT looking strong at .048
Bart  - posted
I feel a .05 at least today and with any good news at all .06. But, as I have said many times if this thing can keep moving up on no news that is very BULLISH! and when the news comes and it will we will be off and running. No sell for me LONG TERM.

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