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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Tman  - posted
Hello again, if its not to much trouble, what do you see happening with NT? Got in at $4.50 and it is starting to have huge swings the past few trading days.

I got in LU at $3.10, it still has not spooked me yet but I am still very new at reading daily data.

Purl Gurl  - posted
Tman, visit a site which offers company
news for a stock, like cbs market watch, prnewswire, or even yahoo finance. You
should be able to read news at the website
for this company.

Look for these headlines:

UPDATE 2-Bell Canada signs C$200 mln deal
with Cisco

JDSU, Citigroup, MMM, AMTD, FBAY. GM

JDS Uniphase, networkers lead tech rise

India`s Wipro Q3 net up 18.6 pct, above

Investors are buying on good news, which
is ok, sometimes, not ok. Those articles
are pretty positive, one especially which
warrants a good jump in price.

Tman, be very careful and watch your stock
very close, like several times a day. You
are in for a great profit (hooray!) and
you want to maximize that profit.

Good news buys almost always display an
event you can expect, consistently. This
event is a very sudden high spike in price,
followed by a sudden drop in price.

For the price range you are in, your broker
will offer "stop loss" settings. This is
a "sell" order if a stock falls to a preset
price, a price set by you.

This can be very beneficial and can be very
dangerous; works for you, works against you.

You need to set a "stop loss" price which
is not too high yet at a price you know
means the price is falling. You also need
to adjust your stop loss, daily.

Stocks, as you know, will often fall a bit,
then continue on upward. If your stop loss
is too close to current prices, your stock
might sell on a slight fall, then later,
prices move on upward. You are out, though.

You had a low of 6.91 and a high of 7.33
today. Closed at 6.97 per share. This means
the high could not be maintained, your stock
closed down by your day low. This "could"
indicate your stock is about to fall.

That is not guaranteed, though. This type
of action is common with volatility, and
your stock is very volatile. It just might
continue rising, although I think not.

Look at some decent charts. You will see
your "upward price" volume was greatest
a few days back. Currently you see a bit
of "down price" volume mixed with up, but
less up volume than before.

Otherwords, technicals are suggesting this
stock is beginning to fall in price.

Kinda looks like your stock has reached
its maximum price. I could be dead wrong.

Tman, you have a hard decision to make.

Will your stock continue to rise, or will
it begin to fall? I do not know, honestly.

Personally, I would tempted to insert a
"stop loss" around 6.89 to 6.90 and hope
it does not fall that far, then skyrocket
again. You have to decide this!

You, yourself, are your best stop loss,
if you have time to monitor all day,
very closely.

I cannot tell you to sell nor hold. I do
know what I would do, but it would be
very wrong of me to share my thoughts.

Set a price at which you will sell, no
matter what, and stick to that price.

Give careful thought to how you can make
the most, and minimize the down side.
Do not try to sell at a maximum price.
Always sell within five to ten percent
of what you "think" will the highest
price possible.

Usually prices are highest during morning,
and lowest during middle of day.

In closing Tman, do not be greedy. If
you are, greed will always bite you.

Purl Gurl

Tman  - posted
Thank you very much,
I just started learning how to read candlesticks and a possible fall is what I thought I saw(was not sure though).

I think I will take your advice and put a sell stop on it. Do you think though that this could be one of my long term picks?

ERS has also done well for me this past year. I need to decide wich one if either is a better long term pick and stick with one so I can play with the money from my others.
Thank you again,

Purl Gurl  - posted
Long term, I honestly don't know, Tman.

Look at a five year chart. Way back, your
stock was selling at $75.00 per share, then
crashed early 2001, well before the horrible
terrorist attack. Slid down from there.

Something happened three years back, not
related to 9 - 11 events. Might be some
clues back there on what went wrong which
might help you today.

Rise in price is just very recent. I suspect
you will not see prices like five years back.

I have not looked but would ask you to look
very close at their SEC filings. Find out
if this company has good future prospects,
like good revenue, good profits, low debt,
little accumulated long term debt. Do they
look financially healthy, I mean really
healthy, enough to sustain future growth
and current prices?

An educated guess, and this is only a guess,
NT should fall in prices over the next few
days, maybe a couple of weeks, with some
ups and downs, then settle at a new support
price and continue a slow climb from there.

Kinda doubt your current prices will hold.

Just be careful. I could be very wrong.
NT has such a mixed history, this is one
very hard to predict. Observations are
really only valid for very recent time;
it has been "dead" for a long time.

For long term, I would suggest you look
very carefully at fundamentals. For short
term, technical charts are most important.

Tman, you know what I will say. I could
be wrong, you could lose money. Research
well, think carefully and be decisive in
your decisions; no room for hesitation.

Purl Gurl

Tman  - posted
Purl Gurl
What was your opinion of ERS?
Did I miss anything, it looks like a solid company, though not huge. It seems to have good financials it has grown form around $1 to around $4 in about a year. I got it at $1.93. I am just wondering if the growth of this stock may have ran its course.

Its average volume if very low and It started paying dividends about 6 months ago(in fact they increased it twice since) which I anitially thought would stop it from climbing but it has not yet. Maybe it is that time?

As far as SEC filings,
I do not know what to take out all the(4,beneficial ownership of securities)? Does this even mean anything? I do not understand what this means
Thank you

[This message has been edited by Tman (edited January 21, 2004).]

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