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undervalue  - posted
We're riding the Silverado Express! But don't let the slow start fool you! The plant will be complete and actively conducting demonstrations in 18 months or so! When you really think about it, this fact alone is incredible for Silverado and it presents a tremendous oppty for all of us - as both investors and consumers! So, my friends, now is the time to take your seat on the Silverado Express. A gold mine and a green company too!
undervalue  - posted
That was a nice reversal yesterday to close up. We've seen the last of .10 cents! We're looking to resume the uptrend now -higher highs and higher lows! The time to board is now
undervalue  - posted

Daniel Basketfield Appointed to Head Environmental Efforts at Plant Site,
Design Engineering Meetings Were Held in Mississippi Following the Groundbreaking Ceremony


Today, Silverado Green Fuel Inc. announced the appointment of Daniel Basketfield, P.E., to Vice President of Administration and Environmental Engineering. An expert in the area of water resources, Mr. Basketfield’s most recent position was Senior Water Resources Engineer for the Seattle Public Utilities. He also serves on an advisory committee for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Change Science Program.

“We are gratified to have Dan join us at this important time in Silverado’s history,” said Silverado Green Fuel CEO Garry Anselmo. “His credentials and experience are key to our efforts in the construction phase of this project.”

Dr. Warrack Willson, Silverado Green Fuel Vice President of Technology, and Mr. Basketfield met with various Mississippi State officials and engineers following Silverado Green Fuel’s groundbreaking at the Ecoplex in Ackerman, MS. Mr. Basketfield also met with the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality’s Executive Director, Trudy D. Fisher, to initiate permitting for the low-rank coal-water fuel production and testing facility.

Dr. Willson and Mr. Basketfield met with representatives of Pickering Engineering, Great Northern Engineering, and Crowder Engineering while in Mississippi regarding the plant building and site preparation, and the schedule of various phases for project completion. Silverado Green Fuel Inc. has initially contracted with Great Northern Engineering and Pickering Engineering to develop the specifications for the scale-up commercial plant which will convert Mississippi lignite into a petroleum fuel substitute. Crowder Engineering is the county-selected firm which is responsible for construction of the facility building.

“These meetings have moved us to a new level in the progress of the Green Fuel Project,” said Dr. Willson. “We are especially pleased with their content and most importantly the many agreements we reached regarding all milestones both short term and long term. The people in Mississippi are as eager to move forward as we are at Silverado,” he said. “At the same time, we realize there are specific actions that needed to take place for this to happen, and we are making them happen now.”

About Silverado
Silverado is an international company focused on Gold and a new environmentally friendly Fuel Technology. Silverado has gold properties located throughout Alaska which include the 100% owned Nolan Placer Gold Mine. Silverado is also entering the construction phase of an environmentally friendly low cost strategic fuel demonstration facility. Silverado's Green Fuel will be produced from low-rank coal and turned into a environmentally friendly oil substitute. Silverado Green Fuel Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of its publicly traded parent, Silverado Gold Mines Ltd. For more information about Silverado Green Fuel Inc., please visit and the parent public corporation,
undervalue  - posted
A bullish pattern has developed and a BUY-IF alert is issued today. The task is now to confirm the validity of this bullish pattern. We will guide you through this process but the prime star of this game is nobody but you. First you must do your homework. A good starting point may be to keep an eye on after-hours and futures trading to get preliminary hints about the direction of the market. Related news, events, economic data, and the world stock markets should also be closely followed prior to confirmation session.

There are three possible cases of confirmation. You have to follow the next session carefully to check if these cases will hold or not:

The market opens with an upward gap, signaling a bullish sentiment in the first case. Your benchmark will be the opening price. If the prices stay over the benchmark, go long. Any white candlestick with an upward gap is a valid confirmation criterion.

In the second case, the market opens at a level, equal to or below the previous day’s close. The benchmark is that closing price. If prices during the session stay over the benchmark, go long. Any white candlestick closing above the previous day’s close is the second confirmation criterion.

If, however, in both cases, the prices during the session start coming below the benchmark, avoid buying. Sell if you feel a definite tendency in prices to close the day below the benchmark.

The third case of confirmation is rarely observed. The market opens with a big downward gap suggesting a very bearish day, and the day ends with a long white candlestick, but still closing below the previous day’s close. However, such a day satisfies the third confirmation criterion and in this case the closing price of the long white candlestick will be taken as the price of confirmation.

If one of the three confirmation criteria is not fulfilled, or in case of a black candlestick or a doji on the confirmation day, the BUY-IF alert remains valid, however without confirmation and the three confirmation criteria are then sought in the following day. The only exception is the long black candlestick. Any long black candlestick following a BUY-IF alert makes it (the signal) void and invalid.

We do not suggest any new short positions given the bullish alert. The short sellers should consider covering their positions if the market confirms the BUY-IF signal. Otherwise, existing short positions should be carried.
T e x  - posted

please cite your sources when you quote...
undervalue  - posted
http://www.*************.com/StockPage.asp?CompanyTicker=SLGLF&MarketTicker=OTC& TYP=S

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