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T O P I C     R E V I E W
stocktrader22  - posted
I wont provide DD right now. I wont do anything else. I am too tired.

This is a gem at .13

received letter to stay on AMEX, corporate restructuring to more profitable venues.

Slow mover, expect a increase over a long period of time. Not somethign you have to monitor every day.
stocktrader22  - posted
Float: 15.33M
% Held by Insiders4: 73.22%
% Held by Institutions4: 1.10%
stocktrader22  - posted
looking good today .15
stocktrader22  - posted
lots of buys at .15
stocktrader22  - posted
great looking chart too. Expect to see .20+ shortly
stocktrader22  - posted
There we go

.20 today

knew this was a no brainer.
stocktrader22  - posted
stocktrader22  - posted
a gfujvl;km gem at .222 dagd*! hit it at the ASK taps that ****ne booty!
stocktrader22  - posted
Originally posted by stocktrader22:
a gfujvl;km gem at .222 dagd*! hit it at the ASK taps that ****ne booty!

.32 now

stocktrader22  - posted
.35 lol
stocktrader22  - posted
stocktrader22  - posted
.39 close LMAO anyone home

just missed a double bagger and looking for more.
NaturalResources  - posted
I noticed this one a few days ago... I was going to post about it but decided not to. I was trying to figure out how the "Odd-Lot Tender Offer" works.

IA Global Announces Odd-Lot Tender Offer
Monday March 26, 7:00 am ET

I was also wondering if this was the previously announced stock buyback or if it is a separate buyback.

IA Global to buy 4M shares
Thursday March 22, 11:43 am ET
T e x  - posted
don't see the play, as'd have to buy at the low pps of the week, to get the high, for 100 shares tops...right?
stocktrader22  - posted
Who cares about the play...

the play was .13 to .40

It had so much support at .13 and the company was restructuring, and staying on the AMEX was a plus. It was a no brainer.
T e x  - posted
dang, he just asked a question...
stocktrader22  - posted
No worries Tex.. just saying at this point its not important.
T e x  - posted
lol, you know me: anything "odd" & and I have to look into it... [Big Grin]
stocktrader22  - posted
.49 [Smile]
Free Muney  - posted
this thing is a rocket. nice pick.
stocktrader22  - posted
.59 cents...finally some recognition here [Smile]

almost a 5 bagger here.
T e x  - posted
Free Muney  - posted
this stock is still going S T are you still
banking on this one?
stocktrader22  - posted
this one is an atm machine...a beast

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