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T O P I C     R E V I E W
metal1  - posted
anyone think this thing has a decent future? currently a 4.5% yield too.
JB28930  - posted
p/e is a little high, eps is ok, with low volatility, should be a safe bet not too loose money, nor make too much...
metal1  - posted
there must be some value with all the brand names this thing has. i guess we'll see how the next 6 months go before the spinoff.
John Anothony  - posted
check out aucc, near support at .03, rsi at support macd crossing.

plus rmdg consolidating in the .01-.02 range with a good pr coming out next week also at support on the rsi
metal1  - posted
why are you posting crap pennies when i'm talking about SLE??
John Anothony  - posted
i think your stock is crap the object is to make money right? thats why i posted them
metal1  - posted
i guess you're missing my point. i was asking about SLE not pennies.
John Anothony  - posted
sorry chief but i thought this was bottom feeders, which likes bottom plays so i named a couple. sorry i disturbed your chat just tryin to help
JB28930  - posted
i took a play on aucc, i bought it at .04 yesterday, looks like it likes to gap in the morning and come down from there. ask is at .045 tomorrow closing today at .042 so looks like it might gap again... do you know when and what the pr is going to be about john?
John Anothony  - posted
good move jb you will be very pleased look at the chart it like artwork right off .03 three times believe, now on higher lows coming off a huge drop, so much profit potential on this one.

i vhave no clue on any pr frankly i dont even think we ned one thia one is so over sold

JB28930  - posted
are you doing a short term play or just gonna hold?
sharkone  - posted
What was the final verdict on SLE? Down another % today...almost to its 52 week low. Can this rebound? What the final verdict...don't keep me hanging.

metal1  - posted
they seem to have received a lousy price for their european business they just sold but i think if you look out 1 year you'll make a nice return on the stock plus the 4.4% yield. the spinoff will be mid to late next year so we'll see how that goes.
JB28930  - posted
aucc gapping again after hours.
JB28930  - posted
aucc up 56%.
FlacoMike  - posted
Looks like it might start going north again...
Ka-Ching  - posted
Originally posted by metal1:
why are you posting crap pennies when i'm talking about SLE??

Hmmmm....Good eye on SLE.
May be the beginning of uptrend here. The Accumulation and OBV indicators looking better.
One to keep on watch, for sure. [Cool]
metal1  - posted
we'll see how much they get for the euro meats business. looks like more interest than there was for the other unit.
metal1  - posted
nice move the last couple of days. cramer mentioned it and likes it.

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