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T O P I C     R E V I E W
goodwithtoys  - posted
Bought some of this @ .40..Last 2 days of good volume to new high of 1.25. Evidentally a huge US deal going in. The buying pushing it forward is coming from all over so think the cat's out of the bag...the're talking a $1.50 US u/w. Anybody know any more??
mik  - posted
Good with toys - last time this stock was at $.40 was in oct. I know cause I have been around for a while. I have bought stock on the US side and cdn side since I heard the same rumor. It appears to be NOT TRUE. My broker would have told me if i could get some DAP at $.40. I only own a small % as this is a complete flyer - Don't put your savings into this you could lose it all. The wine deal is completely false - if thats what you've heard. Definately no VINCOR here. If you have heard something ie phone#'s to confirm some of this stuff or news associated with some of the key guys - that would interest me. I have never been able to even reach these guys let alone hear/read about them and the BIG Deal.
goodwithtoys  - posted
Hey 'mik'...Appreciate your comments...a lot! I don't know if you've noticed a lot, relatively speaking, of activity lately. I've been doing quite a lot of checking and I've heard the wine deal is done..a combination of debt financing and equity financing completed..a couple of major Cdn. firms doing the u/w at 2.00cdn. This same bunch did PRD and I watched that get to 2.60 from .20, so I think its worth hanging on to for awhile.
mik  - posted
Not saying there isn't anything going on - just my belief is that what I have heard isn't exactly the whole truth and it ussually takes twice as long (if it at all happens)and the deal is not what was promised. Ussually good leaders are guys that make things happen - and then they talk about them. The poor ones talk about it (promoters) and try to do a deal - some times post mortem. You should pick up a copy of RAGING BULLS and read some of the tell tale signs. If this is a promote - you can make some money; which I will. If its a real company - you will make some money and you will be an informed investor along the way, as they release news to the general public - not through the rumor mill.
mik  - posted
ps. we haven't seen the great news on the supposed....tight hole that prd is sitting on. Maybe you should call the guys that are prd's partners.....GREAT RUN THOUGH (hint/hint).
tyria Trey Resources  - posted
Tyria. It has a great swing chart. It will not go lower due to earnings release. Everyone needs to be looking for earnings being posted this week for 2004. They have had incrememtal sales in numerous products. This is a very strong buy before the release. I have been following this stock for 4 months. I am buying up to .031. It an beauty ready to soar. I am very confident this stock will hit a teen at some point this year. There are too many big names working with Trey. Early Merry Christmas!!
tyria Trey Resources  - posted
CDVJ is at .0002 today. Had some great news lately. Maybe worth a look. Any thoughts?
tyria Trey Resources  - posted
Trey Tyria Just reported record earnings!!!!!
Art  - posted
Quit spamming Trey Tyria!
bond006  - posted
hi i think trey is a great price at this point loks like they will make a profit next quater ernings were great cosidering all the expenses for quarters 1 and 2 of 04 looks like time to buy for me. don't want to miss this one


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