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T O P I C     R E V I E W
raybond  - posted
Good Morning America
Senior GOP Officials Exploring Options if Trump Drops Out
JONATHAN KARL,Good Morning America 4 hours ago
Republican officials are exploring how to handle a scenario that would be unthinkable in a normal election year: What would happen if the party's presidential nominee dropped out?

ABC News has learned that senior party officials are so frustrated — and confused — by Donald Trump's erratic behavior that they are exploring how to replace him on the ballot if he drops out.

So how would it work?

First, Trump would have to voluntarily exit the race. Officials say there is no mechanism for forcing him to withdraw his nomination. (Trump has not given any indications that he no longer wants to be his party's nominee.)

Then it would be up to the 168 members of the Republican National Committee to choose a successor, though the process is complicated.

One Republican legal expert has advised party officials that, for practical reasons, Trump would have to drop out by early September to give the party enough time to choose his replacement and get the next nominee's name on the ballot in enough states to win.

Here is what the RNC's bylaws say about filling a vacancy on a presidential ticket:

Rule No. 9: Filling Vacancies in Nominations

(a) The Republican National Committee is hereby authorized and empowered to fill any and all vacancies which may occur by reason of death, declination or otherwise of the Republican candidate for president of the United States or the Republican candidate for vice president of the United States, as nominated by the national convention, or the Republican National Committee may reconvene the national convention for the purpose of filling any such vacancies.

(b) In voting under this rule, the Republican National Committee members representing any state shall be entitled to cast the same number of votes as said state was entitled to cast at the national convention.

(c) In the event that the members of the Republican National Committee from any state shall not be in agreement in the casting of votes hereunder, the votes of such state shall be divided equally, including fractional votes, among the members of the Republican National Committee present or voting by proxy.

(d) No candidate shall be chosen to fill any such vacancy except upon receiving a majority of the votes entitled to be cast in the election.
raybond  - posted
If things keep going in the same direction as they are now, this could be the biggest republican slaughter since goldwater.
Happy Valley  - posted
Originally posted by raybond:
If things keep going in the same direction as they are now, this could be the biggest republican slaughter since goldwater.

I can't speak for FL but I assure you, the latest PA and OH poll numbers for Clinton are complete bull**** and the Clinton campaign knows it, hence the plethora of bogus articles like the one you posted earlier. The liberal media is running a full court press and they are trying to paint the picture that Trump has already lost but those who live and regularly travel in these key states know otherwise jmo...
glassman  - posted
we've heard this story about five times already- then somehow the voters spoke from the booth with a different answer...

in April i would flip thru the news channels and hear Trump within about ten seconds on each one and flip again... its' still happening...Colbert says his name 40 or fifty times a show...

i wish it was over already, you can't speak with anyone about it- there's just no way to communicate with people who yell and scream....

the part that blows my mind is that Trump could have gone golfing for two weeks after the convention, and not said anything to anyone and be ahead in the polls. The DNC had a bloody coup and he didn't even bother to gloat- instead he picked a no-win fight with some sad people.... maybe he's playing hard-to-get? [Wink]
raybond  - posted

raybond  - posted
Donald Trump on Monday lashed out at 50 top Republican national security officials for criticizing his presidential campaign.

"The names on this letter are the ones the American people should look to for answers on why the world is a mess, and we thank them for coming forward so everyone in this country knows who deserves the blame for making the world such a dangerous place," he said in a statement.

"They are nothing more than the failed Washington elite looking to hold onto their power, and it's time they are held accountable for their actions."

Trump said the coalition dismissing his national security positions are many of the same voices guiding Hillary Clinton's poor foreign policies.

"These insiders - along with Hillary Clinton - are the owners of the disastrous decisions to invade Iraq, allow Americans to die in Benghazi, and they are the ones who allowed the rise of [the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria]," the GOP's presidential nominee said.

"Yet despite these failures, they think they are entitled to use their favor trading to land taxpayer-funded government contracts and speaking fees," Trump added.

"It's time we put our foot down and declare that their gravy train is over: No longer will Crooked Hillary Clinton and the other disasters in Washington get rich at our expense."

A group of 50 top Republican national security officials published a letter earlier Monday declaring Trump is unfit for the presidency.

The letter was signed by aides and Cabinet members from past GOP administrations including former Presidents George W. Bush's and Richard Nixon's.

"Mr. Trump lacks the character, values and experience to be president," the letter says. "He weakens U.S. moral authority as the leader of the free world.

"He appears to lack basic knowledge about the belief in U.S. Constitution, U.S. laws and U.S. institutions, including religious tolerance, freedom of the press and an independent judiciary."

The letter comes as some top Republicans have publicly chosen to support Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, rather than Trump.

Looks like things are moving in a bad direction for the Donald.
buckstalker  - posted looks like things are moving in a bad direction for the American people...this action again proves to me that the established political parties are one in the same
raybond  - posted
I understand where you are coming from Buck. But there is not a government on the face of this earth that does not have a ruling elite in the background that gets its way and eventually will resort to violence if they get exposed. And no single person is going to change that.
glassman  - posted
what blows my mind at this point is that the Clintons now come out and say they won't accept foreign money for their foundation if Hillary gets elected.

they've already collected 2 to three billion....

those people who paid them expect something for their money. it don't matter when they gave it to 'em. why is this no problem for most people?
Happy Valley  - posted
Do you think it's is not a problem for most people or does it just seem that way because those who blindly follow the Clintons are constantly screaming? I hope it's the latter and we have not been so desensitized to the corruption in Washington that we overlook a woman who most likely used the State department as an arm of her family slush fund...
Relentless.  - posted
I think most people don't go further than the nightly local news stations for their information. As such most people have no idea the Clintons are as corrupt as they are.
Happy Valley  - posted
I think you make a valid point and it's hard to blame them for sticking with their local programming. The mainstream media is very skewed and agenda driven, has been for a while. Many people, myself included have zero faith in the mainstream media reporting and covering news events in an unbiased manner. It's opinion based programming steered by big money puppeteers, the fact that they consider themselves news outlets is laughable imo.
Relentless.  - posted
Correct. All news stations are and have been government propaganda spigots for a very long time. The amount of control our government has over all of our media would stagger the uninformed.
Happy Valley  - posted
It's getting increasingly more difficult for them to keep a lid on the Clinton sh!t show. I don't know how they even keep track of nonstop spin and lies, how would you like being in charge of that department? Worst job in Washington imo.
Popping Adderall like Tic-Tacs during the day and trying to wash that dirty feeling away with Vodka at night...
glassman  - posted
Hillary and the DNC blame Putin for hacking their emails- meanwhile Kerry is trying to negotiate some peace in Syria with Russia- good to see they are all on the same page. makes perfect sense for the Former Secretary of State to turn on the rhetorical heat during peacetalks-

Trump's charitable foundation is under fire for accepting donations and then re-donating them (in his own name?)- meanwhile the Clintons solicit donations from foreign governments while she is Sec State and use that money to buy homes, jets, hire US Govt staffers part-time and everything else their rock-n-roll lifestyle requires....

BTW- if you don't love islam, you are now a Deplorable- I have taken some time in the last two years to try to understand Islam the Religion. I undertook this because i keep hearing this statement- islam is a peaceful religion- So started reading the Q'oran (you can spell it alot of ways and they all seem to be OK)
Basically The Prophet was military. There's no other way to put it. He fought and he fought alot. He killed alot of people himself and he took plunder and he took slaves and he sold the ones he didn't want for himslef. Islam spread because of military behavior. When the Muslims take over they give you a choice- convert or pay a tax (form a treaty) and live under their rule or die. Once you convert, it's like the Mafia- you're eithe in for life and so are all your descendants- or they kill you for infidelity. peaceful in the end i suppose- That's how it spread. I knew this from high school days, but i had to go back revisit it in-depth after listening to the latest political bullchit. Esp. since i seem have an irrational fear of living under sharia. of course they don't want to spread their religion to America. it makes no sense for them to do that right?

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