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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Peaser  - posted ould-like-to-see-as-the-next-u-s-president/?author=jp&utm_source=facebook&utm_me dium=owned&utm_campaign=politics&utm_term=ijamerica
CashCowMoo  - posted
I saw that too Peaser. Trump not to long before that was pretty fine with Putin in Syria. Im sure Putin sees a Trump win as a good thing for relations in the future. Especially after Obama.
raybond  - posted
I can't believe what I am hearing two Americans backslapping each over a potential presidential nominee and office holder 's friendship with a kgb thug.
CashCowMoo  - posted
Originally posted by raybond:
I can't believe what I am hearing two Americans backslapping each over a potential presidential nominee and office holder 's friendship with a kgb thug.

Well how is it supposed to be then Ray? I mean, look at Hillary and her reset button. Obama said Mitt Romneys ideas on Russia belong in the 80s or something along those lines. Now, Putin is a problem.
raybond  - posted
putin has always been a problem except for those that love him.
glassman  - posted
i think it's hilarious. Trump is funny, and it'll be so much fun having him for president. The comedians will be acidic for 8 years.

Of course if it's Bernie who wins they'll make fun of him for three years until he dies of old age,and then Hillary will be president for 9 years. Yep, that's right you can run for a third term if you weren't elected.
When it's finally Hillarys turn to be president the only happy people will be the journalists and no one will be allowed to make fun of her. No-one.

Seriously? Donna Brazile and George Stephanopolous were talking about her as if she's already been elected and just waiting to be sowrn in last night and this morning...

Look at our choices- The Donald (who seems to get a kick out of stirring hornets nests), A 74 yr old socialist (who i happen to like, but he won't be able to get anything done), and then there is The ex first Lady herself. I got no problem with a woman president, but i have a real problem listening to her speak (she only yells)for more than two minutes. All she does is tell us how we should be afraid of the GOP, we better not say anything that isn't inline with Liberal Censors and we have to turn in all our guns for our own good- and BTW, you better not be afraid of Muslims, but you should be afraid of any gun not in the hands of some govt offiicial.
what a g-d-mn mess.
Peaser  - posted
You are way off Ray, I see things haven't changed...

I simply posted this article as a discussion piece. Nothing more, nothing less.
raybond  - posted
I was referring to cashcow

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