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raybond  - posted
"Medical Workers Say NYPD Cops Beat Man Shackled In A Stretcher"

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CREDIT: Dave Hosford via Flickr

The New York Daily News has uncovered yet another allegation of egregious force by New York Police Department officers. Emergency medical technicians told the newspaper they witnessed four officers beat a man being carried away in a stretcher in handcuffs, after he spit and cursed at the officers.

Officers responded by punching the patient in the face multiple times, pulling him off the stretcher and onto the ground, and then throwing him back into the stretcher, according to a written report by EMT officers to the Fire Department of New York. All the while, the patient remained helpless, restrained in both handcuffs and foot shackles. An EMT who reported the incident to the Fire Department of New York said in the report that he and another EMT who corroborated the story had to intervene to break up the beating. He said the patient “sustained injuries to the head and face” that were treated in the ambulance.

The EMTs were first called to retrieve the patient from a Brooklyn police precinct and bring him to a hospital on the evening of July 20. The patient was described as “emotionally disturbed,” “combative” and banging his head against the wall.

A representative for the New York Police Department told Reuters on Tuesday that the Internal Affairs unit was investigating the incident. He declined to confirm the details of the incident.

The report comes in the wake of the death of Eric Garner hours after police held the asthamtic man accused of selling cigarettes in an illegal chokehold. The death was deemed a homicide by the medical examiner. Since then, numerous reports have surfaced of officers dragging a woman naked out of her home, putting another man in a chokehold after punching him in the face, and putting a pregnant woman in a chokehold for illegally grilling on the sidewalk.
glassman  - posted
this is a daily event across the US today ray.

in fact, since no one died (so far) it is not as bad as many of the events that are happening daily.
raybond  - posted
it is what I posted sorry it does not met your standard.
raybond  - posted
As a matter of fact police brutality was much worse though much of this country years ago. If you were a person of color it was like living under military occupation. So I know the obvious It just struck me of the conditions and what was done in front of the emergency people.
glassman  - posted
over the last fifteen years there has been an average of one arrest-related death per day in the US..

it is impossible to get data prior to that because it was all covered up...
glassman  - posted
another "daily event" where no one died.. it only cost the city of Torrance 1.8 million$

TORRANCE, CA — Police officers rammed into an innocent motorist’s vehicle so violently that they knocked off a wheel, then opened fire and riddled the truck with bullets. The motorist was then yanked from his vehicle and had a gun held to his head. Many months have passed and the criminal cops are still being protected by their superiors and held blameless and unaccountable.
David Perdue holding a bullet casing after surviving an attempted murder. (Source: Robert Sheahen)

David Perdue holding a bullet casing after surviving an attempted murder. (Source: Robert Sheahen)

On the morning of February 7th, 2013, police in Los Angeles were already in a hysterical frenzy looking for a murder suspect, a former LAPD officer named Christopher Dorner, who had allegedly promised to target Los Angeles police officers for the perceived injustice he believed had been done to him by the department. As is often seen when police officers are threatened, civil rights of the public were set aside and an aggressive and violent manhunt ensued. LAPD performed door-to-door searches, set up checkpoints, searched vehicles and buildings at gunpoint, and actively posted guards and patrols around the homes of department VIPs. Most dramatically, police shot up multiple innocent vehicles.

In Torrance, a 38-year-old baggage handler at Los Angeles International Airport named David Perdue was driving to pick up a friend to do some surfing before work. Around 5:45 a.m., Perdue was flagged down by two Torrance police officers who were strategically parked in their car as part of the Dorner dragnet. Without cause, Perdue was stopped and made to give his identity, explain his destination, and his reason for driving in the area. Perdue patiently complied with their questions and showed them his surfboards and told them about his job at LAX. The officers were “fully satisfied” with his answers, according to the lawsuit. Police then told Perdue to turn around go back the way he came, and he complied.

Now driving the opposite direction as instructed, Perdue then saw another Torrance Police vehicle come around the corner traveling towards him on Flagler Lane. Perdue pulled his truck to the side of the road.

“Without any warning, the second Torrance police car accelerated to 25-30 mils per hour, suddenly turned and crashed broadside into David’s black Honda Ridgeline, spinning him around and tearing off the rear axle. The airbags and side curtain airbags in David’s vehicle deployed. David’s upper body was thrown over the console, toward the passenger seat,” the lawsuit states.

One or both of the unnamed officers then opened fire on Perdue, riddling the truck with bullets that pierced the windshield and the airbags, narrowly missing the innocent driver. Perdue was then ripped from the driver’s seat and a gun was placed to his head, and he was forced to lay face down on the street.

glassman  - posted
that was a particualrly bad day in Torrance:

In a separate incident 25 minutes earlier on February 7th, Torrance police officers opened fire on two female Latino newspaper deliverers driving on a residential street. Police had again mistaken the two women for one large muscular black male suspect. The uniformed hit squad shot over 102 rounds into the women’s blue pickup truck, not counting rounds that missed. Similarly, the attackers were protected and their identities concealed, but the city was ordered to pay $4.2 million to their victims.

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