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T O P I C     R E V I E W
The Bigfoot  - posted
Now that I will be playing in one of the big boxes FINRA gonna be sniffing my family's trading activities and watching what I print that is stock related.

For the time being I will be following the strong suggestion to refrain from all forums where I could potentially mention something about stocks that could possibly cause a review.

Later kids. I'll be reading. Play nice now and keep it interesting will ya?

CashCowMoo  - posted
Dude, you are going to leave us hanging like that? I have so many future posts about Obama to share with you.
The Bigfoot  - posted
No hanging meant.

After 8 months of unemployment I have landed at Ameriprise financial handling estate settlements and other life events.

Doing something that can cause a FINRA review is a huge offense since it can mean Millions of dollars for the company. Of course, it therefore carries serious consequences to me as well.

Until I know the waters better I must be mum on this account to show a distinct break in comment and stock-related content should they uncover this screen name.
The Bigfoot  - posted

Print em dude. I'll read em.
CashCowMoo  - posted
Congratulations on the new job.
glassman  - posted
thanx for letting us know you are OK ...

nobody here wants you to take those risks
T e x  - posted
agreed--good luck, widdit [Good Luck]
SeekingFreedom  - posted
Your point of view will be sorely missed. Good luck with your new endeavor.
IWISHIHAD  - posted
Good luck take care and hopefully we see you soon on this board. No one would want you taking any unnesssary chances to jeoperdize making a living.

Stay out of the Northwest, there still looking for you!


raybond  - posted
hope to hear you again big good luck
glassman  - posted
heh! bigfoot in a suit and tie.... [Big Grin]

i guess you had to get a full body wax for the interview already huh? [Razz]
buckstalker  - posted
I won't miss you....much

Good luck BF
jordanreed  - posted
always enjoy your posts...good luck with the new gig!
rounder1  - posted
I have always enjoyed your posts as well.... I consider this a forfeit and declare CCM the winner of all past arguments....Just kidding....just "messin with sasquatch."

Best of Luck in your endeavor...give'm he11
NR  - posted
I thought I saw your footprint in the woods while I was surveying the other day, but it was just a big hole where a rock had been. Hope you still out there lurking somewhere.

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