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T O P I C     R E V I E W
bdgee  - posted

Here here! And well desertved.
DrZ  - posted
I send that emotion! As an environmental science techer I applaud his efforts!

Lockman  - posted
Did he win the Nobel Peace prize?
bdgee  - posted
Relentless.  - posted
CO2 is a lagging indicator...
NOT a leading indicator.
Therefore the man is wrong on all counts.
How's about we blame the sun for this slight warming?
Crazy huh?
glassman  - posted
Originally posted by Relentless.:
CO2 is a lagging indicator...
NOT a leading indicator.

i recently caclulated that our daily world CO2 output from oil alone was equal to the amazon river flow at it's very highest flood stage...

i understand that CO2 has been a lagging indicator in the past, but we are in the process of utilizing a substance that took (the earth) from between 1 million and 600 million years to "manufacture" in 2 to 3(max) three centuries...

most oil feilds are in rock between 10 and 270 million years old...

coal is another story...
Relentless.  - posted
I mean Gore is basing his global warming theory on the fact that in the past when global temperatures rose so did CO2.
In essence blaming global temperature increases on CO2...
A theory which is clearly wrong.
Our pollution is a problem.
Our dependence on oil and other "Fossil Fuels" is a problem.
But in no way the cause of what everyone is calling global warming.
glassman  - posted
Gore's movie is very simplified...
here's and article from NASA that came out before Bush's censors got in there that explains thing pretty well..

Link Between Solar Cycle and Climate is Blowin' in the Wind

Apr. 8, 1999

Researchers have found that the variations in the energy given off from the sun effect the Earth's wind patterns and thus the climate of the planet, according to results of a new study published in the April 9 issue of Science.

For decades, scientists have tried to understand the link between winds and temperature and the sun and its cycles. There were tell-tale signs of a connection. For instance, the Little Ice Age recorded in Europe between 1550 and 1700 happened during a time of very low solar activity. But how the sun and climate were linked continued to elude researchers.

According to Drew Shindell, a climate researcher from NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York, NY, and lead author of the new study, a key piece of the puzzle was missing. Previous studies neglected to take into account the effects of increased solar activity on the ozone layer or the complex chemistry of the upper atmosphere where most of the high-energy radiation, including ultra-violet radiation (the kind responsible for creating the ozone layer) gets absorbed.

it goes on....

Many scientists have argued that the radiation change in a solar cycle — an increase of two to three tenths of a percent over the 20th century — are not strong enough to account for the observed surface temperature increases. The GISS model agrees that the solar increases do not have the ability to cause large global temperature increases, leading Shindell to conclude that greenhouse gasses are indeed playing the dominant role.

there's lots more than CO2 causing global warming that's for sure...

as matter of fact? i recently saw some research that indicates our pollution cools the earth too... by absorbing alot of the suns energy as dust particles in the atmosphere...

maybe the fact that he got the Peace Prize has more to do with the alternatives of who to give to it to this year?

i can't think of anybody. [Roll Eyes]
who were the other candidates
bdgee  - posted

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