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T O P I C     R E V I E W
TruthLiesWithin  - posted
I mention PGPM, and EFCR over all the other hyped overpriced stocks, and yet mine gets locked..

Am I missing something, or is that the plan for the operators of this board?

Also, how is one supposed to reuse an old thread as asked before, instead of making a new topic, especially if these actually start to perform..

Don't become another HSM. I left there for other reasons...
Gary59  - posted
I also had a topic locked about the JHPC to PAVC merger and could not find an old post on , It is close to the 1 year restriction and the shares of JHPC are still lost somewhere and suposed to be unrestricted soon , I emailed to see why the topic was locked and have had no reply,
I suggested that if a topic is locked for the person who locked it give a reason that it was.
Not sure the reason for any of it.
I thought that was a good topic and I know more people than me that were looking for answers on this.
But not to worry this topic might be locked soon as well..
Doctoall  - posted
Why duplicate threads when they are already there. The majority of our members like to keep DD in one place and not have to deal with a new thread every day. If you have difficulty finding a previous thread, just ask for help to locate it.
Our members as a group decide when to start a new thread and do not appreciate multiple threads on the same stock. Nor do they like threads that are pump and dump picks.

When threads are closed it is usually after other members complain that a topic already is in place and we do not need another one.

You can also use the search feature of this site to locate open threads related to a particular stock. Sometimes the mods will do just that for you, search, locate and bump forward. The members really do not appreciate the clutter. [Big Grin]

The Allstock's family is unique.
TruthLiesWithin  - posted
Our members??? sounds insulting..

Been here since 2004, I know how it works.
Almost sounds like your implying that I am some interloper who doesn't care...

I also used search, and chose the newest last post about the two companies, which happen to be posted by myself a long enough time ago that it is nowhere near considered clutter, there was no talk about these companies for 5 months...
And that thread was locked, that's why I started a new one...

I'll stay off the subject of pump and dump, it's too widespread here...

I followed the rules..
T e x  - posted

sometimes a mod gets busy with a flurry of board action...ideally, a closed thread should also a) notify the creator of the thread (automated) and b) include a link to the preferred thread. In haste, somoetimes this doesn't happen...

When you are in or aware of a better thread, simply report it--may not get fixed immediately, but if it makes sense, the *other* thread can be locked and the better one re-opened...

and, ya, as you allude...there are some who would prefer to hide background DD...
BooDog  - posted
The Street.coms Stock Picking Contest March 30, 2007 General Investing Topics


No problem... i was just searching and noticed it doesn't exist anymore.

Oh yeah.... don't forget you can change your preference to set how far in the past you want topics displayed "show topics from...". I was just looking for one of my topics and had to go back in time through the search. Topic is still alive - stock isn't though - maybe some day LOL.
Just thought I'd throw that in there. I know you old farts forget things.

T e x  - posted
The contest thread deleted?

huh...missed that. I flashed on playing it, myself...
TruthLiesWithin  - posted
Thanks Tex, now back to business:)

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