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Posted by toothpick on :
Hi all,

I logged in to my account today to find a message saying i need $25,000 in my account to get free trades now. Or do 25 trades and get 10 free.

Or pay $4.5

Is there another broker who charges less than $4.5 a trade?
Posted by toothpick on :
What's everyone's view on SogoTrade? $3 a trade

Are the 100 free trades easy to get?
Posted by Machiavelli on :
$4.50 a trade isn't cheap enough for you? lol
Posted by greenman on :
I've been with Lowtrades for a few years now. Its still 2.99 trade for me. New members its 4.99, which is still a good deal. I've never heard of SogoTrade.
Posted by Machiavelli on :
I'm with Choicetrade though I'm not crazy about their platform lately...
Posted by toothpick on :
sogo trade is found here

the marketing sounds attractive. anyone have experience with them?

i mean if i am to pay, why pay 4.50 when i can pay 3 lol!
Posted by toothpick on :
o wait they have a yearly brokering fee of $720 if you trade once a day.

stupid question, if i dont, is this totally waived?
Posted by Machiavelli on :
Just trade on Etrade, Choicetrade, Lowtrades etc. Stop making it so difficult lol your not buying a house, car or engagement ring..
Posted by EverGreen on :
i agree

after they improved their software i think they did a step back

not having real time quote free for a broker is quite ridiculous ...

Originally posted by Machiavelli:
I'm with Choicetrade though I'm not crazy about their platform lately...

Posted by EverGreen on :
Lowtrade 4.95 - Just2Trade 2.50 same group

firstrade 6.95

choicetrade 5.00 (even if under retail is shown 9.95)

thinkorswim 9.95 (but 50.00 for pennies !!!)

Originally posted by toothpick:
What's everyone's view on SogoTrade? $3 a trade

Are the 100 free trades easy to get?

Posted by Ace of Spades on :
Jeez! I hate when there are huge debates about which broker has the best deal on commisions! Unless you are a daytrader that makes dosens of trades per day.....I would say your priorities are way out of wack when it comes to choosing a broker!

If you are making hundreds or hopefully thousands on trades....whats the difference in a few dollars! (again like I said above daytrading is a different story) You should be looking at other factors like platform, customer service, selection of stocks to short, clearing firm, ect......

Commision is a non issue.....unless you are a real daytrader or a newbie with only a few hundred dollars!
Posted by AJGrano on :
I'm leaving iNG'S sharebuilder. I'm getting tired of the 9.95 trades and then a .015 commission per share after you make a sell order for over 1k. That pushed me over the limit because when you're trying to trade something for like a 50 gain or something but it costs you like 20-25 to execute it its completely unexceptable.
Posted by greg755 on :
ACE you hit it right on the head.

I have tdameritrade and scottrade. they both have good and bad points.

I do however need to find an online broker that is more friendly to day trading penny stocks.
TD wont let you put in more than 2 figures past the decimal point and Scottrade flags a lot of stuff so you have to call the broker to get the trade initiated.

I need to find someone who just lets me make my trades with out all the hassles....
Posted by T e x on :
Choicetrade is pretty good; also, Prodigy...
Posted by R1 Man on :
Choicetrade is terrible. I have them and TDAmeritrade. I have never used Etrade or Scotttrade. But I rank TD higher then Choice.

TD allows you to see real time balance. I can also transfer money in and out in the same day. do the math. Had problems transfering money a few times.
Posted by Newbie13 on :
All good, but the question is which one allows after market trades on OTC stocks and doesn't charge an extra fee for stocks under $1.

I have Zecco and love em except for not having after hours or pre market? I also have tradeking, but you can only trade pre market and until 5pm? They chare a .01 per share anything under a $1 and you have to call them in.

I missed out on VNDA 2 months ago because of that. Caught the news at 5:30 or so when they were at $1.08 by 8 pm they were at $8.52!

Thanks guys!

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