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***PKTX...As seen around the Neighborhood...

***PKTX... I Love reading Old PKTX's PR News Releases..It's Not for me to live in the Past but tends to give me more insight of what's over the next hill for Protokinetix's future medical research projects..

I'm taking this from IHUB PKTX MB post #159... Won't posted the whole thing...Just a taste of what the Molecule..AAGP in the Lab can do.. :+)

.....And Yes...This was Old PR News....When I first posted it back in Feb. 2008.....It's All about Protential People.. :+O

***Dear Folks.. Much of this information that I present is old news but to the new investor, who only see numbers, this may show what it is all about with Protokinetixs in the long term...This article is great, in showing PKTX's molecule..AAGP of how it will change the way of the world in blood storage, which will better mankind...

...Blood platelets are a blood product called coagulants. They clot blood and thus prevent people from serious bleeding and often fatal blood loss.

...Blood platelets have a shelf life of 4.5 days and then discarded because of bacterial contamination.

If blood platelets are refrigerated they go into coagulation and cannot be used.

...Laboratory tests have shown that when AAGP™ is used with blood platelets they can be stored at refrigeration temperatures without coagulation.

...The shelf life can be extended to 21 days and more. The amount of blood platelets available for patients can now be increased five-fold without increasing the donor base.

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