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***PKTX… PKTX Investors…As this year has progressed, the interest in Protokinetix’s molecule - AAGPTM is only growing.
The potential use of the molecule, AAGPTM, seems only to be limited to the imagination and ongoing research.


..Take this one area of research study conducted by the Gregory-Evans Retinal Therapeutic Lab at the University of British Columbia of transplant retinal precursor cells with addition of AAGP™.
...The results of these tests have serious implications for the treatment of other diseases that may benefit from stem cell transplant such as spinal cord injury and the repair of brain damage from stroke.
...The Company will be exploring the potential of these protocols and procedures using AAGP(TM) on brain damage caused by ischemic stroke in the coming months.

This is only mid-2017.The Protokinetix snowball is only going to get bigger… :+)

..Jun 5, 2017 ProtoKinetix and Proactive Immune Sciences Announce a Joint Research Collaboration Using AAGP™ in Immune Cell Cryopreservation Testing

..May 24, 2017 ProtoKinetix Completes First Year of Trials on Retinal Replacement Therapy Using AAGP™

..Mar 9, 2017 ProtoKinetix Announces Start of Phase 1 & Phase 2 Clinical Trials for the use of AAGP™ PKX-001 Treated Islet Cells in the Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes

..Feb 7, 2017 ProtoKinetix Updates Testing Progress on Neuronal Retinal Cells in Living Tissue for the Treatment of Macular Degeneration

..Jan 17, 2017 ProtoKinetix, Incorporated Announces Investigator Sponsored Clinical Trial Submitted to Health Canada for the use of AAGP™ in the Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes

..Jan 24, 2017 ProtoKinetix Announces Investigator Sponsored Human Clinical Trial Application Using AAGP™ Has Been Approved by Health Canada

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