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***PKTX...The Question is.. WHY..?

....This is Just the short List...Of WHY.. Top Professionals in several important medical fields have chosen to research with Protokinetix's molecule.. AAGP..

…WHY… Testing on stem cells transplanted in retina tissue has been completed. This study was conducted at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and directed by Dr. Kevin Gregory-Evans. Stem cells tested with AAGP™ showed a 300% increase in engraftment survival over the control group.

The results of Dr. Gregory-Evans’ work were published in the Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, June 2016.

...WHY…Phase 1 first-in-human clinical trial of AAGP™ PKX-001 treated islet cells used in conjunction with the Edmonton Protocol for the treatment of Type 1 diabetes. The first patient has been treated under this protocol. The trial is being led by Dr. James Shapiro, MD, PhD, FRCSC, MSM FCAHS, AHS Director of Clinical Islet and Living Donor Liver Transplant Programs, Canada Research Chair in Transplant Surgery and Regenerative Medicine, Professor of Surgery, Medicine and Surgical Oncology, University of Alberta.

…WHY…AAGP™ is now being used or investigated as a possible solution by many healthcare companies that specialize in medical cell therapies, organ transplant, trauma, blood product banking and anti-inflammation.

...AAGP™ has taken Protokinetix's research team into preservation of stem cells and cell therapy, storage of blood platelets and blood products, harvesting and transplantation of islet cells for diabetes treatments, time sensitive organ transplantation and inflammation causing diseases and conditions.

...Protokinetix expects to license several commercial applications from its AAGP™ family as well as expand its ongoing research and development with institutions and businesses. ...Protokinetix is actively in talks with several healthcare companies that are testing the molecule in their specific niche applications.

…WHY…The pubmed article told us who is funding our research. Big name main stream funders.

Funding. Funding sources include the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation Canada, the Alberta Innovates–Health Solutions (AIHS) Collaborative Research and Innovation Opportunities Team Award, and the Alberta Diabetes Institute. B.L.G.-L. is supported by an Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Scholarship, an AIHS Clinician Fellowship, and by the Canadian National Transplant Research Program. P.E.M. is supported by a Canada Research Chair in Islet Biology. A.M.J.S. is supported through a Canada Research Chair in Transplantation Surgery and Regenerative Medicine and through AIHS as a senior scholar.

…WHY…AFGPs have proven useful in many applications. However, they are limited by their cost (approximately $10,000/gram), instability, and size (2,600 - 24,000 Daltons). Their large size restricts their use in medicine as they are unable to pass through capillaries into interstitial tissue and are unable to reach target cells. Molecules must be less than 600 Daltons to diffuse through the capillaries. In addition, molecules must be less than 1000 Daltons to pass through cell junctions into neighbouring cells and less than 600 Daltons to cross the blood-brain barrier.

.....With these issues in mind Dr. Geraldine-Castelot-Deliencourt invented AAGP™ to be a smaller, more stable synthetic version of AFGP.

***With that Question in mind…"WHY..PKTX’s Molecule…AAGP".. The Answer is(IMHO).. Because….It Works… :+O

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