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***PKTX..It all starts here with AAGP..Research Overview
Antifreeze proteins and glycoproteins (AFP and AFGP) are natural compounds which enable fish, reptiles, plants and insects to survive freezing temperatures.

..AAGP™ has been shown to maintain the same biological activity as the natural molecule without the concern of non-human antigens, the limited supply, or the high costs associated with the extraction of AFGP and AGP from fish and insects.

..Natural AFP and AFGP molecules functioned very well as antifreeze agents, affording the fish, reptile or plant some protection when they were exposed to freezing temperatures. Research has also demonstrated that AFGP and AFP have a stabilizing effect on the cell membranes.

..There was great promise for these molecules, but significant problems prevented the naturally AFGP and AFP from being developed commercially.

..These include: Must be isolated from their natural source (fish, insects, reptiles),a laborious process to isolate the molecules, expensive to produce. (it requires 100 tons of fish to produce 1 kilogram of AFGP),purification process is difficult, with the final product bring contaminated by other proteins and non-human antigenic material,unstable compounds, large molecules,
limited supply of material.

..Laboratory produced AAGP™ molecules synthesized to date include several monomers as well as a dimer and a tetramer. We are continuing to develop and test new AAGP molecules. The molecule which has demonstrated the greatest biologic activity is a monomer weighing only 498 Daltons.

..The base structure of these molecules is unique and has a different structure than do the native molecules. This structural gives AAGP™ its stability, and enables us to patent it.
Most research work on native molecules has focused on their ability to function as antifreeze.

..The AAGP™ has been shown to function as antifreeze, but it is the molecule's ability to stabilize and protect cells over a wide temperature range that has caused the most interest, and has the greatest potential to develop markets. These results are demonstrated in the attached research reports..

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