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***PKTX.. With Great PR News coming..
...Here are a few interesting facts to remember with this on going research..

.."This synthetic molecule(AAGP).. Seems to provide significant protection to cells exposed to multiple deleterious conditions, such as UV radiation, starvation, extreme temperatures andoxidative stress."

..If proven successful in human clinical trials, Shapiro believes the inclusion of AAGP could soon become a permanent addition to the Edmonton Protocol, representing a significant step forward in the treatment of Type 1 diabetes through islet transplantation. While more research is needed, he also believes the drug shows promise for a wide range of transplantations, potentially working to protect organs as effectively as it protects islets.

..Through the use AAGP, a greater number of islet cells will survive the procedure, potentially allowing more patients to be treated.

..The globally-recognized Edmonton Protocol uses specialized pancreatic cells, called islet cells, from organ donors. Doctors inject the cells into the liver of a patient with diabetes in hopes the body will produce its own insulin again.

..The success rate of the procedure has improved significantly since Shapiro and his team first tried it in 1999. Around half of patients are now needle-free five years after their transplants.

..Soaking islet cells in Anti-aging Glycopeptide (AAGP) for an hour and then washing it off protected the cells from tacrolimus, an anti-rejection drug commonly used during transplants that is toxic to islets cells.

..And again....Funding for the study was provided by the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation of Canada, while the drug AAGP was provided in kind by Protokinetix -- a biotechnology company that provides medical researchers assistance in enhancing cell survival and health.

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