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Posted by flatrader on :
Smart Holdings, Inc. (SMHS.PK), dba Assurance Group Direct announced today its new RX Prescription Savings Program started airing nationally as planned Monday August 22nd.

The Company reports that it has already started receiving orders from both the TV commercial and online. You can view the TV spot and order the RX Prescription Plan directly by visiting

Although spots may be pre-empted, some specific channels and times the commercial can be watched over the next few days are CLTV Superstation in Chicago tonight at 7:15 pm, NY-1 8/25 at 12:45 pm and 8/26 at 5:27 pm, ThisTV 8/25 4:29am, Antenna Local Inserts all markets 8/25 at 5:13pm, 8/27 at 7:46 pm and 8/28 at 11:12 pm
Posted by theman on :
Im not sure if that alone will get peoples attention though [Frown]
Posted by theman on :
The ask is at .0033 which is very high. If you buy in and it pops i hope you are paying attention and pull out in time.
Posted by theman on :
I think the reason people are scared to go in after it it went on TV is because the money spent to air them may have been way more then the profits.

If the company made really good profits a few days ago they would have bragged about it.

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