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Posted by logandtimber on :
Juice called it a lotto. So I put in an order for HESV at .0002... Measley 1 mil buy...

After a week I got $2 worth filled... 2 weeks later I got 1/2 mil more. But they charged me a second $10 transaction fee. I was a little curious as to WTF they were doing (MMs)... a week later they charged me ANOTHER $10 transaction fee and filled me only 10k shares.

Weird stuff. Etrade doesnt usually mess with me like that. Its like they were trying to deter me from trying to buy .0002s or something...

I still havnt got my million .0002s yet, 6 weeks in...

After the 3rd fee. I tapped the ask for a mil... They took FOREVER to fill. So I tapped it again for 1.2 mil, and after about an hour. They filled me and raised the ask to .0005!!! And the bid to .0003... Left it alone, and it went back to .0002/.0003 by end of day.

I put a half dozen buy orders in at .0002. Grand worth. Nothing for 2 weeks yet...

Anyways. I think Juice has a winning lotto here. Gonna hold my .0003s for as long as it takes... This one going to come screaming back tp life some day... Soon? Judging by the MMs tactics. I say yes. [Smile]
Posted by J_U_ICE on :
HESV .0005x.0007 [Big Grin]
Posted by J_U_ICE on :
Posted by J_U_ICE on :
HESV hit .0022 today
[Big Grin]
Posted by J_U_ICE on :
hit .006 today [Eek!]

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