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Posted by edgewise on :
Maybe, for a change, people can only post what they think will go up, and not just whatever it is that you're currently holding.

For example, I am in DDSI, RSHN, and GRMU..
But I only think that RSHN has potential specifically for tomorrow.. my other holdings are just hopes and wishes, so I won't attempt to call them 'picks'.

So yea, just picks, not your personal stocks..

Let's make some money.
Posted by Burn on :
Posted by TheCreator on :
SPZI, watch it now [Wink]

Currently holding and it's currently heading up. Check it out.
Posted by MoneyMoneyMoney on :
Definitely JPHC!!! Price now X .0005.

Press Release Source: JUPITER Global Holdings, Corp.

JUPITER Global Holdings, Corp. Notifies Shareholders of Significant Progress in Its Corporate Activities
Monday March 20, 4:05 pm ET

LAS VEGAS, NV--(MARKET WIRE)--Mar 20, 2006 -- JUPITER Global Holdings, Corp. ("JUPITER" or the "Company") (Other OTC:JPHC.PK - News) today notifies shareholders of significant progress in its developing corporate activities.

JUPITER is pleased to announce that its independent pricing analysis report is near completion and that Management expects the pricing number to be no less than $0.004/share.

This independent pricing analysis report provides two important things to the Company: 1) technical data on the potential value of JUPITER and; 2) a tremendous aid to Management in its discussions with the potential suitors to negotiate the best price possible for the Company's shareholders.

Ongoing discussions with a potential acquirer/merger candidate are progressing at an increased pace and we anticipate a continued move towards the completion of a transaction.

Ray Hawkins, CEO of JUPITER, commented: "The Company set a plan in place, and many of the aspects of that plan are coming together. Shareholders should be very pleased with Management's expectations and enthusiasm."

The independent pricing analysis report is a confidential document that the Company commissioned for internal purposes only to aid the JUPITER board of directors in meeting their fiduciary duties in negotiations with any acquirer/merger candidate. JUPITER retained Evans & Evans to prepare an independent pricing analysis report to assist the JUPITER board of directors in determining a reasonable price for JUPITER in contemplating any transaction with any acquirer/merger candidate.

Although Management is encouraged at this stage of the discussions, no assurances can be given that an acquisition or merger transaction will be agreed to by the parties or that such a transaction will be approved by our shareholders, if required.


JUPITER Global Holdings, Corp. is a holding company with interests and developments in a diverse number of growing industries. JUPITER plans to achieve a leadership position through the building of a synergistic network of innovative, profitable and global businesses.

Statements contained herein that are not based on historical fact are "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. JUPITER Global Holdings Corp. intends that such forward-looking statements be subject to the safe harbor created thereby. Such forward-looking statements are based on current assumptions but involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties that may cause JUPITER Global Holdings Corp. actual results, performance or achievements to differ materially from current expectations. These risks include economic, competitive, governmental, technological and other factors discussed in JUPITER Global Holdings Corp. applicable public filings on record with the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission which can be viewed at its website at

Please visit our website:
For more information please contact:
JUPITER Global Shareholder Services
Phone: 1.800.963.6532
Email Address: Email Contact
Posted by ohio_trader on :
Posted by hurricanematt on :
KLGE, Im back in and think it will rise, current pps .354 check out the chart, the MACD has crossed. It is a BUY BUY BUY
Posted by JoeMillion on : only .0005

All the stars are lining up!

Double bottom and golden cross.

Do your dd before buying!

Posted by Baxter on :
JPHC is going to have a huge day!

My favorite MMAM on a nice run, tons of upside
Posted by MicroTrader on :
Did you see the huge volume on PHBT today? Average 222million. Closed today at about 1.5 billion. Price .0003 to .0005 today. We should see some action this week if any news comes out.
Posted by DWS on :
MOTG up 27% at EOD on PR.... should see some more movement tommorow....
Posted by quickpicker on :
HMSC had a great day today. Should see good opening tomorrow. We should be able to break the .005 tomorrow.
Posted by gemseeker on :
Posted by jagman925 on :
I like JPHC too. Count me in.
Posted by 7 of 9 on :
JPHC is utter garbage

Allstox traders, let jphc reverse and then we can play it next year
Posted by devilindetail on :
QRVI should have legs for the next few weeks!
Posted by noemotion on :
I think JPHC sucks too, but who cares... if i can make some money off of it then Im happy
Posted by logical buyer on :
Posted by Baxter on :
I don't know much about JPHC, but if it's in the works with another company to merge and it just released a valuation 8 times the current price it doesn't really matter does it? Also the CEO acquired shares at 80% over it's current value today. Think he knows better than us? Probably...

7 of 9, what do you recommend? In a week you went from #1 RSHN basher to picking it for your stock of the day. Maybe if you tried constructive comments instead of insulting ones people would pay attention. When everything you say is "utter garbage" people block you out. Quit wasting your time.
Posted by Tape worm on :
SFTV Closed today at .0065. I bought this stock today at .0061. It ran between .005 and .0079. Looks like a good swing trade at the least.

Watch for SFTV.OB to continue a considerable upside breakout which could likely reach as high as .03 in the near term.═ There are indications that the company will soon announce a merger/acquisition which could send the stock to unprecedented highs. ═

It was announced March 16th, 2006 that the President and Chief Executive Officer, Jeffery W. Flannery purchased a total of 2 million of the Companies Series A preferred shares and 10.4 million of the common shares. He now owns 100% of the outstanding Series A preferred shares, and 12.9% of the common shares of the company!

We expect more to be announced soon! Hold your shares as there are not
many out there!

Date Open High Low Last Change Volume % Change
03/20/06 0.0070 0.0079 0.0050 0.0065 -0.0004 7958699 -5.80%

Composite Indicator
Trend Spotter TM Sell

Short Term Indicators
7 Day Average Directional Indicator Buy
10 - 8 Day Moving Average Hilo Channel Buy
20 Day Moving Average vs Price Buy
20 - 50 Day MACD Oscillator Buy
20 Day Bollinger Bands Hold

Short Term Indicators Average: 80% - Buy
20-Day Average Volume - 3702555

Medium Term Indicators
40 Day Commodity Channel Index Buy
50 Day Moving Average vs Price Buy
20 - 100 Day MACD Oscillator Buy
50 Day Parabolic Time/Price Buy

Medium Term Indicators Average: 100% - Buy
50-Day Average Volume - 3985500

Long Term Indicators
60 Day Commodity Channel Index Buy
100 Day Moving Average vs Price Buy
50 - 100 Day MACD Oscillator Buy

Long Term Indicators Average: 100% - Buy
100-Day Average Volume - 2793970

Overall Average: 80% - Buy

Price Support Pivot Point Resistance

0.0065 0.0036 0.0065 0.0094

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Posted by gloomiath on :
lfwk if there is news
Posted by greenman on :
Posted by Casp on :
LFWK. huge news on the way on or before thrusday.
Posted by mr money on :
JPHC---without a doubt.. huge gainer tomorrow
Posted by devilindetail on :
people love playin junk makes you wonder sometime.
Posted by Monkeyman on :
MSSI is a super pick * 0.03. Quarterly earnings are due out at the end of March and as "QuestSolver" wrote at "you can expect them reporting record revenues of over 20 Million compared to 6.7 the year before".
Posted by kdb83182 on :
ARSC coming off a strong eod.
Posted by 7 of 9 on :


JPHC is THE stock for all you bagholders

Dont get me wrong, w/o you bagholding guys a girl like me wouldnt make so much cash.

(Im off to buy so very expensive shoes, at the mall. I deserve good service.)
Posted by worthashot on :
Posted by amer12ca on :
PMED.. Bottomed again and had a very good volume. (16 M). Should move well tomorrow.
Posted by Trasq on :
TWOG - Waiting for PR with dividend details.

"Shareholders of record on March 25, 2006 are expected to receive the dividend by the second week of April 2006. Further transaction dates and details will be announced in the near future".
Posted by bigdomer on :
twog and fnix... both are going to run.
Posted by IWISHIHAD on :
This is a good time to get a buy on many of these pennies we have had a drop in the market, we are set for some good days hope every one cashes in....Good Luck.
Posted by welk on :
MSEP is a firecracker!
Posted by coalkickin on :
IPRE..bottom bounce
Posted by heynow on :
GWGO, if the so called "PR" comes out.
Posted by jellybean on :
Paim Insn cwfg
Posted by upupandaway on :
Posted by Monkeyman on :

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