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Posted by agrimac on :
At their lowest in 5 months any comments please
Posted by EverGreen on :
ouch - maybe somebody knew something !!!

can be be a good bounce play
(only the braves ...)

Global Concepts, Ltd (GCCP) announced today that its U.S. management has discovered serious misconduct by the French management and internal accountants of its subsidiary, Compagnie Logistique de Transports Automobiles ("CLTA"). The misconduct involves both non-financial and financial matters.

On October 13, 2005, a court in France assumed jurisdiction over CLTA and appointed a receiver for the purpose of liquidating CLTA. In light of the malfeasance by CLTA's French management, Global Concepts did not interpose any objection to the liquidation of CLTA. Moreover, Global Concepts' U.S. management is currently working with French legal counsel, special forensic accountants in France, and its internal and external accountants in the United States to determine the full extent of the misconduct by the French management. That investigation will determine what remedies may be available to Global Concepts, Ltd.

The Board of Directors of Global Concepts has determined that the unaudited financial statements contained in Global Concepts' Quarterly Reports on Form 10-QSB for the periods ended March 31, 2005, and June 30, 2005, should not be relied upon, due to the misconduct by CLTA's management. The full extent of the misconduct cannot be determined at this time. However, the Board of Directors believes that the financial statements provided by the French management of CLTA materially overstated revenue, and that assets and liabilities had been materially misstated. The revenue and income reported by CLTA represented substantially all of the revenue and income reported by Global Concepts for the first six months of 2005.

Global Concepts will report further information regarding the actions by management of CLTA as they are discovered
Posted by tic_toc on :
wow what a pos. glad I bailed...
Posted by juice on :
wow this is under a cent! haha glad i got out a long time ago too, unbelievable!
Posted by WarpedMind on :
Question is, can they bounce back?

Problem - This was their main income maker. However, before they bought this company, their stock was doing decent for a little bit. The fact that their main money maker is out of the pictured doesn't mean they can't join forces with someone else, does it? Course, they're in major debt right now... Ugh... too many variables. Can someone help this newbie (me) make sense of this and what the reasonable possibilities are for the future?

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