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Posted by Sparky Santos on :
Dear Readers,

Sparky thinks those seeking near-term appreciation should take a real hard look at the shares of Commordore Applied Technology (CXII) @ 2.3 cents.

CXII's in the pollution control business and it's developed an effective non-thermal treatment process it calls Solvated Electron Technology (SET), which Sparky thinks is key to the company's success.

Based on phenomenon first observed early in the 19th century, the process involves dissolving alkai metals in ammonia to create a solvated electron solution. Free (solvated) electrons formed in the process then bond with the ions of contaminants that are mixed with the solution.

Utilizing its SET process, CXII hopes to be a prime subcontractor for the planned cleanup of the federal government's Fast Flux Test Facility (FFTF) in Hanford, WA. This one contract would generate about $ 80 million in revenues over the next four years and CXII should learn if it's the successful bidder within the next month.

Similiarly, CXII has bid on an Oakridge, TN water engineering contract that would produce about $ 25 million in sales over the next five years, and should be hearing news on this contract any day now.

Being awarded either one of these contracts would not only mark the immediate end of CXII's ongoing cash flow problems but would also, Sparky thinks, send CXII shares through the roof.



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