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Posted by Happy Valley on :
Closing in on a double bottom. Tons of negative press on a daily basis and absolutely loaded with shorts. JCP has been the whipping boy of hft's for months now and has been abnormally easy for shorts as of late. Is this the set-up before the story is re-written? Thursdays action is significant imo, new 52 wk. lows were there for the taking but buyers stepped up big @ $6.40's to put in the higher low. Keep an eye on the bond yields, they tell the real story. JMO DYODD

Took the first lot of Aug otm calls on Friday, will add if we get another quick flush and test of October lows @ $6.20's.
Posted by Happy Valley on :

Look for double bottom confirmation tomorrow...jmo
Posted by Happy Valley on :
What a roller coaster. The more they hate it, the more I like it. E's on the 26th, everything until then is just noise...
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Posted by Happy Valley on : m
Posted by Happy Valley on :
J.C. Penney Texas Land Deal Seen Generating $200 Million ing-200-million.html
Posted by Happy Valley on :
J.C. Penney: No Borrow At Any Price. A Primer On Shorting er-on-shorting?source=yahoo
Posted by Happy Valley on :
$5.20's...Getting flushed today. I'm down but sticking with this one, I've seen this story before. E's on Wednesday...
Posted by Happy Valley on :
J.C. Penney expects higher sales, gross profit this year
Posted by Happy Valley on :
$7.20's PM...

100+ million shorts and the stock was priced for bankruptcy afte being decimated by bogus "Analyst" PT's and HFT's. Expect some to take profits today but this is heading much higher if you have the patience...JMO

Link to the CC and transcript.
Posted by Happy Valley on :

How so many shares are shorted at the bottom is beyond me. Those flipping for pennies today will have sellers remorse soon enough. Gapfill to $8's first, double digits and test of Dec. highs sooner than most think....JMO

2/14/2014 128,515,677 33,701,278 3.813377
1/31/2014 118,443,854 26,545,356 4.461943
1/15/2014 108,754,499 34,684,356 3.135549
12/31/2013 86,354,223 19,873,960 4.345094
12/13/2013 89,005,233 33,722,303 2.639358
11/29/2013 87,707,149 48,577,056 1.805526
11/15/2013 91,240,768 34,895,568 2.614681
10/31/2013 79,047,619 38,863,964 2.033957
10/15/2013 76,825,256 43,253,960 1.776144
9/30/2013 83,522,478 62,538,581 1.335535
9/13/2013 71,720,285 22,885,276 3.133905
8/30/2013 66,893,134 31,604,844 2.116547
8/15/2013 62,547,766 31,170,092 2.006660
7/31/2013 44,518,877 8,424,916 5.284192
7/15/2013 38,587,878 4,261,977 9.053986
6/28/2013 36,108,134 7,360,341 4.905769
6/14/2013 36,154,561 7,525,400 4.804337
Posted by Happy Valley on :

$8 break lights it...jmo
Posted by Happy Valley on :
S&P raises outlook for JC Penney's credit
S&P raises J.C. Penney credit outlook to 'stable' following company's 4th-quarter sales report
Posted by metal1 on :
Nice call, almost bought it just before earnings but didn't have the guts, lol
Posted by Happy Valley on :
$9.00 handle hitting PM...

Citi Upgrades JC Penney to Buy
Analysts at Citi Upgraded the rating on JC Penney (JCP) to “Buy” from “Neutral”. It raised the price target on JC Penney (JCP) to $11.00 from $7.50 suggesting 30% upside
Posted by Happy Valley on :
Building a nice base, holding up well the last few days against a horrible tape. When we break the March highs @ $9.28, double digits will come fast. Those with the patience will be rewarded here... jmo
Posted by Happy Valley on :
$9.73...Hard to believe this was $4's just two months ago. Congrats to those who had the patience and ignored the noise.
Posted by CAPTNEMOS on :
nice job Happy.Gratzx

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