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Posted by dolphin48 on :
Date: June 27, 2009 09:55:26 AM
FRPT Moving UP!
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Jun 25, 2009 (M2 PRESSWIRE via COMTEX) -- **********, www.**********, announced today its proprietary Market Maker Friction Factor Report for June 25, 2009. Since late October market makers are now required to be on the bid as much as they are on the offer and for like amounts of stock. This fair market making requirement is designed to prevent market makers from manipulating stock prices. Here is a list of the top companies with the largest gains this morning and lowest price friction (bullish). This means that there was more buying than selling in the stocks and their stock prices rose faster with less Friction. O Charleys (NASDAQ: CHUX), Momenta Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: MNTA), Hertz Global (NYSE: HTZ), Force Protection (NASDAQ: FRPT), Boston Scientific (NYSE: BSX) and Kirklands (NASDAQ: KIRK) To access Friction Factor, Naked Short Data and SqueezeTrigger Prices on all stocks please visithttp://www.**********.
Market Maker Friction Factor is shown in the chart below:

Symbol Change % BuyVol Buy% SellVol Sell% NetVol Friction

CHUX $0.61 8.01% 19,061 63.45% 10,981 36.55% 8,080 132

MNTA $0.60 6.10% 36,637 59.08% 23,877 38.50% 12,760 213

HTZ $0.57 8.13% 2,619,608 45.94% 2,415,443 42.36% 204,165 3,582

FRPT $0.57 7.05% 175,038 58.14% 126,016 41.86% 49,022 860

BSX $0.55 5.78% 3,606,662 46.17% 3,030,614 38.79% 576,048 10,474

KIRK $0.55 6.03% 67,895 54.17% 56,177 44.82% 11,718 213

Click here to view chart:

Analysis of the Friction Factor chart above shows that each of the six stocks mentioned above have high net dollar gains (Change) and very low price friction in their stocks. The Friction Factor displays how many more shares of buying than selling are required to move a stock higher by one cent or how many more shares of selling than buying moves a stock lower by 1 cent.

For example, the chart above shows CHUX with a dollar gain this morning of +$0.61 and a Friction Factor of 132 shares. That means that it only takes 132 more shares of buying than selling to move CHUX higher by one penny. The Market Makers are currently allowing the stock to rise quickly (low friction). The combination of low friction and positive market direction can drive prices higher much faster than normal.

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