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Posted by amanick on :
Keep an eye on this for a major swing coming.
Posted by amanick on :
Nice small play today but keep an eye on it this should take off very quickly
Posted by amanick on :
made out great last week got i the lows again today.
Posted by amanick on :
good time to pick up some shares. I have been averaging 20% ror
Posted by BooDog on :
ACAD made its struggle to get back over the $ yesterday, watching the divergence to see if it will hold, divergence needs to make its cross on the ADX. Need to watch close that this wasn't just a bounce from the oversolds. My suggestion (not that you need it - i just like to ramble sometimes) is to keep an eye on the acc/dist and the money.
Haven't looked into MSHL, looks a bit sideways to me.
Check out some of the uranium stocks like DNN and URZ, some are setting up for reversals/pinchers - do your own DD of course.
Posted by amanick on :
I agree with what your saying. ACAD has always been a funny stock to play but i always got a 10% payback out of it in a matter of weeks and usualy about a 20% payback on mshl. I like MSHL as a play more so because it can go from 10% to 30% in no time due to the low float which has been a real money maker for me.

I play DNN and like it on occasion.
Posted by amanick on :
good article for reading: al-path?source=yahoo
Posted by amanick on :
Nice play on mshl yesterday today seems to be setting up for another run up.

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