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Posted by woswill on :
Hurricane play, gets most business from water damage. Mold etc.

Only 18 mil float and no dilution at all, very easy to run.

Past history.

05- Ran from .14 to .79 from Hurricane Katrina
06- Went to .40+ just from anticipation from hurricanes alone
07- Currently the only hurricane was Dean. WEGI ran from .17 to .27 even though all models had Dean hitting mexico.

As soon as a hurricane forms and heads toward US soil were looking at .40 easily, the day the hurricane hits WEGI will spike hard as it did when Katrina hit.

Something that i noticed earlier today..

MMs are trying to cover their shorts from the Dean sell off!!

.182/.189 pps at .185

They're trying to attract more weak sellers by slowly moving the bid up .001 and no one is selling.

The ask is above the PPS, for what i believe to be they dont want anyone getting any more shares until they cover their short position.

Just think about it, the MMs know people wont slap the ask at .189 when the PPS is at .185, they do this so the orders at .185 and lower will not get filled until they get more shares from weak holders selling.
Posted by woswill on :
Bad part of hurricane season still yet to come.

La Nina, the opposite of El Nina who caused few storms last year, is in effect which brings more hurricanes to US Soil.

Posted by glenngsxr on :
what happened to this bad boy?

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