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Posted by Guess on :
What are the opinions on the netflix deal? It seems like they raised prices about 30% but only lost 4-8% of users. I think their quarterly earnings will be huge and people are underrating them! I think 113 Should be about the lowest it goes. Im getting in here. Maybe buy a couple hundred shares. Let me know what you think about it.
Posted by crazytrade on :
Hope you didn't but it then. Now around 64 might be a decent entry point although the overall market stinks right now
Posted by Guess on :
Ya well I was right about the huge earnings but not so much about the stock price. Ya I'm buying in here.
Posted by Guess on :
Finally paid off. Okay so I may have been a bit off with the timing but that's the beauty of stocks; you can look so wrong but be so right!
Posted by T e x on :
lol, Oct 11... till now? That's investing, not trading.

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