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Posted by metal1 on :
monster deal signed with AMC theaters. finally brings some legitimacy to this company. should be good in the next 2-3 years. should be a good scoop on any dips.
Posted by BooDog on :
good call Metal.
Posted by metal1 on :
i'm already long and strong. i just hope the good news continues ove the next year or so.
Posted by Lockman on :

Nice! News out at 7:00 this morning, Did this gap?
Posted by metal1 on :
back down to 6 after the nice run. might be a good place to initiate or add.
Posted by metal1 on :
nice bounce from 6.05 to 6.47 now. should be good for buys on dips for the next few months
Posted by metal1 on :
traded back over 7 this morning. still a strong buy on any dips. nothing new on the wires
Posted by TimW on :
Got several IMAX theatres around here.. we love em!

Only place to watch movies IMO.
Posted by metal1 on :
got down to around 5.25 in the last week but now rebounding. strong today up 10% right now to 6.53. nothing on the wires that i see though. maybe something cooking. earnings should be late next week or early the following week.
Posted by metal1 on :
7.25 now. still nothing on the wires.
Posted by metal1 on :
another theatre deal...little pop. earnings on thursday, should be interesting. their outlook will be the key part...

Imax signs exclusive 35 theatre deal for South and Central America
8:23 AM EDT March 10, 2008
Co announces an agreement with Giencourt Investments to purchase and install 35 IMAX Digital projection systems in Central and South America and the Caribbean over the next six years. The agreement marks the largest international theatre deal, and second largest overall theatre deal, in IMAX's history.
Posted by metal1 on :
Imax Signs Record Intl Theater Deal In Encore To AMC Pact
3:45 PM EDT March 10, 2008

By Andy Georgiades

TORONTO (Dow Jones)--Imax Corp.'s (IMAX) 35-theater deal with RACIMEC International Group of Brazil, its biggest international theater-system pact to date, may have been a lot smaller if not for the 100-system deal with AMC Entertainment.
"We were discussing a much-smaller deal with them, but when they saw the AMC deal and they saw how quickly these zones could go away with the stroke of a pen, they came to us and said 'Let's do a much larger deal,' " said Imax co-Chief Executive Richard Gelfond.
Imax, known for its large-format film screens, appears to have the wind at its back. Its new digital-projection system, which isn't scheduled to be rolled out until later this year, has already yielded two mega deals: a 100-theater deal with AMC in the U.S. in December, and now a 35-theater deal with RACIMEC for the South and Central America region.
Gelfond wouldn't comment on the pact's value, but a person familiar with the deal said it could be worth more than $40 million, plus $3.5 million a year in recurring revenue once all the theaters are open.
The RACIMEC pact, which calls for the theaters to be installed by the end of 2014, will give Imax a big boost in the area, where it has three Imax theaters open and another seven in backlog. In 2005, Imax signed a deal with the company for three theaters, two in Chile and one in Venezuela, all of which are expected to open in mid-2009.
Gelfond said South America wasn't a region where Imax intended to sign joint-venture theater arrangements, in which Imax gives the system in return for a slice of the box-office revenue, so finding a partner willing to "put up the capital and build out that area quickly" is beneficial to the company.
As a developer, RACIMEC will do deals with exhibitors and mall operators and develop that market, Gelfond explained.
Separately, Gelfond said the company is on track with its plans for digital, which calls for the first three systems to be installed by the end of June, three more a month later, and a broader rollout beginning late in the third quarter.
He confirmed a trade report that said Imax is in negotiations with Texas Instruments Inc. (TXN) to use its DLP (digital light processing) chips in Imax's digital projector. "I confirm that we're in detailed negotiations and I would expect an announcement shortly," he said.
On Nasdaq Monday, Imax is up 16 cents to $6.50 on 88,000 shares. It traded as high as $6.91 earlier in the session.
Company Web Site:

-Andy Georgiades, Dow Jones Newswires; 416-306-2031; andy.georgiades*
Posted by metal1 on :
earnings tomorrow before the bell. their outlook will be very key
Posted by metal1 on :
looks like it will be anothe quarter before this thing offers a bright outlook. looks like more signings on the way though.
Posted by metal1 on :
rallied all the way back to up on the day. i guess folks are still able to the see bright side later this year and next year.
Posted by chehtet on :
It looks to m that there is some strong support around $6.
Posted by metal1 on :
another deal signed. an expansion actually.. nice move back over 7..

Imax, Regal Cinemas in Joint Venture Deal to Put Imax Digital Systems in Some Theaters

NEW YORK (AP) -- Imax Corp. and Regal Cinemas Inc. said Monday they signed a joint venture deal that will put 31 Imax digital systems in 20 of Regal's U.S. locations.
Both companies will share the costs and profits of the new theaters.

The new agreement will give Regal 38 theaters with Imax digital systems and creates 52 Regal-operated Imax theaters by the end of 2010.

The first theaters under the new deal are set to open in November prior to the Nov. 21 debut of "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince: The Imax Experience."

Toronto-based Imax makes large-screen movie systems. Regal Cinemas is a unit of movie theater operator Regal Entertainment Group.
Posted by metal1 on :
nice move today back over 7 again. good buy on dips. financing for their 100's of theater intstall in place now..

IMAX Corp. (IMAX) has entered into two financing transactions largely to fund its digital projection roll-out, scheduled to start in the summer.
The Toronto film-presentation company said one financing is with Wachovia Capital Finance Corp. to increase future availability and modify other terms under its existing credit facility. It said the other financing is with the Douglas family, IMAX's largest shareholder, for the sale of about 2.73 million common shares in a private placement for $18 million.
It said Wachovia has extended IMAX's credit facility to Oct. 31, 2010, removes an EBITDA maintenance covenant if the company maintains certain minimum liquidity requirements, and is likely to increase the company's borrowing base.
It said the placement was made at $6.60 a share. The company said the Douglas family will own 19.9% of IMAX shares after the placement and has agreed to a five-year standstill whereby it will refrain from certain activities, such as increasing its percentage ownership and entering into various arrangements with the company, such as fundamental or change-of-control transactions.
-John Moritsugu, 416-306-2100; AskNewswires*
Posted by T e x on :
where you been, metal?

good to see ya...
Posted by metal1 on :
still trading a bit but haven't been posting on the board much. i want this IMAX to get a good run this year and early next. SIX flags moving nicely too..
Posted by metal1 on :
nice move back to the 7.40 area in the last few days. would like to see it break 10 in the next couple of months. nothing new on the wires
Posted by metal1 on :
still around the 7.40 area. new theater signing today.....still a good buy on any dips i think

IMAX Signs Theatre Deal In Dubai
9:58 AM EDT June 18, 2008
DUBAI, UAE, June 18 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - IMAX Corporation today announced it has signed an agreement with Meydan LLC, a sports and entertainment property developer in Dubai, UAE, to install an IMAX(R) theatre as part of a multi-billion development at the world-famous Nad Al Sheba, Dubai's premiere thoroughbred horse racing track. Nad Al Sheba is home to the Dubai World Cup, one of the world's most prestigious horse racing events. Expected to be installed by the end of 2009, the new theatre brings the total number of IMAX locations in the Middle East to 12 by 2010.

"IMAX is one of the most prestigious and globally recognized cinema brands, and we are confident that our new IMAX theatre will help to reinforce Meydan as a premiere entertainment destination in Dubai," said Saeed A-Tayer, Chairman of Meydan. "We are very excited to offer our patrons a powerful cinematic experience they can't get anywhere else."

"Dubai continues to be recognized around the world for its high end, luxury developments, and we're pleased that the IMAX brand will be included in the Meydan project," said IMAX Co-Chairmen and Co-CEOs Richard L. Gelfond and Bradley J. Wechsler. "We remain committed to growing the IMAX network internationally, and we believe that with the right partners, Dubai serves as an excellent platform from which we can increase our visibility in the Middle East."
Posted by metal1 on :
new theater signings in Australia a couple of days ago and today in Japan. still a solid buy in dips i think. huge opening for The Dark Knight this weekend for Imax.
Posted by metal1 on :
closing in on 8. looking like the Dark Knight opening is going to a monster.. 7Ctext%7C&par=yahoo
Posted by metal1 on :
broke through 8. good momo going.
Posted by metal1 on :
nice spike today after little bit of a selloff after earnings. theaters installs hadn't really started yet. still looking for double digits. presenting at Weisel conference today.
Posted by TimW on :
Theatres around here are half empty most the time.. Unless its a big big release weekend, no one affords theatres anymore... IMAX is the place to be for the big ones though.. just seems like everyone is pinched for money though.
Posted by metal1 on :
well after going down to almost 2.50 with the market crash late last year, it's back to 8.50. still good for more upside it think. bought more in the 2's',3's and 4's. sold a little at 7 and 8. The next earnings report should be key for continued upside.
Posted by metal1 on :
finally showed a proft in this mornings earnings report. trading 10, sold a little more here
Posted by metal1 on :
back over 10 again and strong. sold a little more aroun 10.20. earnings in a few weeks.
Posted by metal1 on :
Holding well over 11 now. strong percentage of Where the Wild Things Are. Earnings on the 5th.
Posted by metal1 on :
Nice rally back over 11 last week. Might get a good rally into the the Avatar release. Expecting to be huge box office draw.
Posted by metal1 on :
strong move over 12 now. sold a little more. avatar hype continuing. Twilight movie added for next year.
Posted by metal1 on :
traded 13 today. close 12.92. Most screens ever for Avatar.
Posted by metal1 on :
strong move over 13 today. nice analyst note yesterday naming it top smallcap for 2010. sold a bit more here.
Posted by metal1 on :
wow, moving over 14 now. new deal for 3D TV station. Should be a nice new revenue stream for IMAX... evision-channel/?partner=yahoofinance
Posted by metal1 on :
almost 15 today on AIW numbers. earnings thursday
Posted by metal1 on :
close 15.75, might be time to sell some into this rally into the earnings on thursay morning. earnings better be monster to keep this pace up.
Posted by metal1 on :
16.20 now, expansion of theater deal in Korea. They seem to be just getting started with overseas expansion.
Posted by metal1 on :
17.65!! in premarket on earnings!!
Posted by metal1 on :
Nice close over 18 today. good percentage on the dragon film. Might be getting a little rich but the momentum keeps is moving.
Posted by metal1 on :
nice move back to 18.5 today. international expansion continues with another deal..

IMAX Corp (IMAX) Announces Theatre Installation Joint Venture
8:00 am ET 04/20/2010 - StreetInsider
IMAX Corporation (Nasdaq: IMAX) and Tokyu Recreation today announced a new joint venture agreement to install five digital IMAX theatre systems in Japan. The agreement builds on the success of IMAX's current joint venture partnership with the exhibitor, which includes four IMAX theatres that were installed in 2009. Those existing IMAX screens have posted consistently strong box office performance with Hollywood IMAX releases, including Twentieth Century Fox's Avatar, which grossed $8 million on the four Tokyu IMAX screens.For the release of Avatar, the 109 Cinemas IMAX location in Kawasaki ranked as Japan's highest grossing screen. The three other Tokyu IMAX screens in Nagoya, Minoh and Shobu have shown significant improvements on their national rankings since their IMAX systems were installed. Disney's Alice in Wonderland opened on Saturday in Japan, setting a new Japanese IMAX box office record, with the four Tokyu IMAX screens generating a total of $335,882 in only 2 days.

Under the terms of the new deal, five new IMAX systems are scheduled to be installed in 109 Cinemas locations by June 2012, with the first two expected to be installed in November 2010 in the greater Tokyo area. The deal brings the total number of IMAX commercial multiplex theatres in Japan to nine, up from the four that are currently open. IMAX believes that its presence in Japan could grow significantly larger over time.

As with the previous joint venture agreement, IMAX and Tokyu Recreation will share the cost and profitability of the new theatres. Each theatre will be equipped with IMAX's new digital projection system.

IMAX Chief Executive Office Richard L. Gelfond joined executives from Tokyu Recreation in Tokyo, Japan to announce the new theatre signings.

"The performance of our four joint venture IMAX theatres has been very strong, increasing our market share and delivering an incredible consumer experience that is simply the best way to see event films," said Hitoshi Sato, President of Tokyu Recreation. "We are pleased to further our commitment to IMAX by adding five new theatres that will serve even more consumers in key markets throughout Japan. IMAX is an important and valuable partner for our company and we look forward to even more financial and operational success together."

"We are very excited to build on the success of our four current joint venture theatres with Tokyu Recreation, our first major exhibition partner in Japan, one of the most important entertainment markets in the world," said Mr. Gelfond. "Our Tokyu joint venture theatres are among our highest performing IMAX locations, and this success, combined with being associated with a top Japanese exhibition brand, is contributing significantly to the increased visibility of our own brand with consumers and exhibitors in the market."
Posted by metal1 on :
almost 20 today. new US siging and china deal from yesterday..China expansion could be huge for IMAX
Posted by metal1 on :
21 close today. Another China deal. lots of room for growth there.
Posted by metal1 on :
closed near 24 on some pre harry potter rally. we'll see how the imax screens do this weekend.
Posted by metal1 on :
24.25 close today, sold some
Posted by metal1 on :
25.25 close today. pretty good Harry Potter results over the weekend.
Posted by metal1 on :
26.35 close today! will try to sell a bit more on friday. pretty good Harry Potter results even without 3-d premium
Posted by metal1 on :
TAKEOVER TALK!!!!! MAYBE $40! may-offer-40-a-share-in-takeover.html?cmpid=yhoo
Posted by metal1 on :
First 3-d tv programming coming out now. still holding nice around 28 after takeover talk faded. Nice slate of films for this year. could see 40 without takeover by end of year.
Posted by metal1 on :
huge expansion in China! moving over 30 again...

IMAX Corporation (NYSE: IMAX) has entered into a 75-theater joint revenue sharing agreement with Wanda Cinema Line Corporation.

IMAX has also formed IMAX China, which will oversee expansion into the Chinese market.

Under the terms of the new partnership, IMAX will install its latest digital theatre system technology into 25 of the exhibitor's multiplex locations this year, with the remainder to be rolled out in 2012, 2013 and 2014
Posted by a surfer on :
Kick ass play metal!! Way to go!
Posted by metal1 on :
thanks, unfortunately everytime i sell some it just seems to go higher, lol. think we'll see 40 without a buyout now.
Posted by metal1 on :
Deal in Russia yesterday and deal in India today. International expansion cruising along.
Posted by metal1 on :
Earnings thursday. hanging near recent highs into em.
Posted by metal1 on :
well, earnings were not good. lack of big movies in the first quarter. nice move up though on huge backlog of installations. sold a bit at 34.60. has traded over 35 this morning. 2nd quarter should show a nice profit with Cars 2 and other films. then Harry Potter for Q3. probably a good buy still on any dips.
Posted by CAPTNEMOS on :

IMAX Corporation to Host Analyst & Investor Day on May 4, 2011
May 2, 2011 (GlobeNewswire) --
NEW YORK, May 2, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IMAX Corporation (NYSE:IMAX) (TSX:IMX) today announced that it will host its 2011 Analyst and Investor Day on May 4, 2011 at its office in Santa Monica, California.

The event will be accessible to the public via live audio webcast from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. PST/11:30 a.m. to 1:30 EST. The event is being webcast by Thomson Financial and can be accessed on by clicking on 'Investor Relations.' The archived webcast and corresponding materials will be available on the Company's website within 24 hours of the event's completion. Due to space limitations, in person attendance is by invitation only.

About IMAX Corporation

IMAX Corporation is one of the world's leading entertainment and technology companies, specializing in the creation and delivery of premium, awe-inspiring entertainment experiences. With a growing suite of cutting-edge motion picture and sound technologies, and a globally recognized entertainment brand, IMAX is singularly situated at the convergence of the entertainment industry, innovation and the digital media world. The industry's top filmmakers and studios are utilizing IMAX theatres to connect with audiences in extraordinary ways, and as such, the IMAX network is among the most important and successful theatrical distribution platforms for major event films around the globe. The Company's new digital projection and sound systems - combined with a growing blockbuster film slate - are fueling the rapid expansion of the IMAX network in established markets such as North America, Western Europe, and Japan, as well as emerging markets such as China and Russia. IMAX theaters deliver the world's best cinematic presentations using proprietary IMAX®, IMAX 3D®, and IMAX DMR® (Digital Re-Mastering) technologies. IMAX DMR enables virtually any motion picture to be transformed into the unparalleled image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience®.

IMAX is headquartered in New York, Toronto and Los Angeles, with offices in London, Tokyo and Shanghai. As of March 31, 2011, there were 528 IMAX theatres (408 commercial, 120 institutional) operating in 46 countries.

The IMAX Corporation logo is available at

IMAX®, IMAX® 3D, IMAX DMR®, Experience It In IMAX®, An IMAX 3D Experience® and The IMAX Experience® are trademarks of IMAX Corporation. More information about the Company can be found at You may also connect with IMAX on Facebook (, Twitter ( and YouTube (

This press release contains forward looking statements that are based on management's assumptions and existing information and involve certain risks and uncertainties which could cause actual results to differ materially from future results expressed or implied by such forward looking statements. Important factors that could affect these statements include, but are not limited to, general economic, market or business conditions, including the length and severity of the current economic downturn, the opportunities that may be presented to and pursued by the Company, competitive actions by other companies, the performance of IMAX DMR films, conditions in the in-home and out-of home entertainment industries, the signing of theatre system agreements, changes in law or regulations, conditions, changes and developments in the commercial exhibition industry, the failure to convert theatre system backlog into revenue, new business initiatives, investments and operations in foreign jurisdictions and any future international expansion, foreign currency fluctuations and the Company's prior restatements and the related litigation and investigation by the SEC and the ongoing inquiry by the OSC. These factors and other risks and uncertainties are discussed in the Company's most recent Annual Report on Form 10-K and most recent Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q.
Posted by CAPTNEMOS on :
Looks like you made some good dough there Metal.Nice one.My forecast for me to sell is $42.thats what my put is in for.I have taken my original investment out and am holding all my free shares.
Posted by CAPTNEMOS on :
oops call
Posted by CAPTNEMOS on :
anybody want some info of potential with next year check out the webcast they was awesome.after listening im so jacked up for this stock.Good luck. upplement.pdf
Posted by CAPTNEMOS on :
1-Strong Buy 6
2-Buy 6
3-Hold 4
4-Underperform 0
5-Sell 0
Mean Recommendation: 1.9

Sell Strong Buy

Last Month Revisions
Fiscal Period Mean High Low Median # of Estimates #Up #Down Mean % Change
Annual Dec 13 1.48 1.55 1.40 1.48 2 0 0 0.00
Annual Dec 12 1.49 1.78 1.05 1.48 13 7 3 10.46
Annual Dec 11 1.07 1.60 0.72 1.11 14 4 8 2.16
Quarterly Jun 11 0.33 0.53 0.15 0.32 9 4 6 -0.59
Quarterly Sep 11 0.36 0.46 0.23 0.38 9 7 2 17.19
Quarterly Dec 11 0.35 0.47 0.23 0.38 9 8 2 14.08
Quarterly Mar 12 0.28 0.39 0.18 0.27 4 2 2 12.24
Long Term Growth 26.46 30.00 22.30 25.00 5 1 0 0.00

Reported EPS Mean Estimate Surprise % Change
Annual Dec 10 1.02 1.01 1.08
Quarterly Jun 10 0.13 0.18 -28.57
Quarterly Sep 10 0.15 0.09 65.00
Quarterly Dec 10 0.21 0.21 -0.40
Quarterly Mar 11 0.04 0.11 -61.90
Annual Dec 09 0.09 0.08 9.09
Annual Dec 08
Posted by CAPTNEMOS on :
Originally posted by metal1:
well, earnings were not good. lack of big movies in the first quarter. nice move up though on huge backlog of installations. sold a bit at 34.60. has traded over 35 this morning. 2nd quarter should show a nice profit with Cars 2 and other films. then Harry Potter for Q3. probably a good buy still on any dips.

dont forget about THOR.!!
Posted by metal1 on :
well, after the peak at 38 then crashing to 13, its back to 25 on the good Chinese expansion of allowing foreign films.
Posted by Frank C on :
So are you watching this stock everyday and trading it? How do you know when to get in and get out?
Posted by metal1 on :
No don't trade it everyday. Been long since 3-4 and sold and added a few times over the last couple of years. Still looking for this to get back to its old highs in the 30's
Posted by Frank C on :
Oh got it. So then do you have a strategy and a system for getting in and getting out? Do you watch multiple stocks? I am kind of new to this and I am curious to hear what is working and not working. Thanks
Posted by metal1 on :
nice couple of days on new theater additions. trying to trade 26
Posted by metal1 on :
New expansion in Latin America. 27 and change now. made it to 30 again recently before going back to 25 and now back up.

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