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Posted by Chadsly on :
Where's it going? Currently at $3.38. If nothing else, put it on your watchlist.
Posted by ya ya on :
why post this on the under .10 thread.
Posted by Chadsly on :
Just letting people know about it. Don't worry, I don't do it all the time. Only when I see something good.
Posted by Chadsly on :
Originally posted by shomethamoney:
Chadsly, I believe you sent me an email about spaming when I did that. Practice what you preach you crack head!!!

(In a polite tone) I posted what I thought would move on an open forum unlike what you did by posting on five or so specific stocks thread. I believe said it nicely then as well. There's no need to call anyone a crack head.
Posted by shomethamoney on :
Chadsly you just want to promote yourself as a good upstanding stock advisor when you do the same thing. You posted this on two boards, so whether it is five threads or two boards it's the same thing.
Posted by Chadsly on :
LOL! No! Bob moved it here because the pps was to high for the under .10 page.

Can we drop this now? There's no need to be so hostile. We're here to make money.

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