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Posted by QuestSolver on :
I know there are many ONG and NG picks out here that are great from the pennies to dollars per shares,right now I am heavy AMEP and long for several reason including the following.

For all the energy players out here, I would recommend watching the weather channels for the next 60 day predictions and estimates and thats not the worse part,keep an eye on any news or weather channel thats speaking of the Earth cycle we are now in,I know I spoke of this before and others probably already know about it but heres the jist of it.
The Earth is now in year two of a cycle that will last at least eight years that mainly affects the northern hemisphere,some scientist predict it to last up to 25 years.The cycle causes increase in severe weather conditions that will directly effect parts of Mexico,all of the U.S. and all of the islands and most of Canada.They predict that hurricanes will be much larger and more powerful,they predict severe winters with more snow and ice and moving even farther into the southern states of the U.S. and the mid atlantic regions will have far more blizzards and increase in the following years.This cycle has nothing to do with global warming or any issues caused by human interventions such as pollutants,this is a natural global cycle that occurs on smaller levels every 30 to 45 years but also more severly every 200 plus years approximately and now scientist believe that this is the start of the long cycle that comes every 200 plus years.For you science buff's out there could you please help me with some more links to support these claims that have spontaniously hit the info channels over this year and some last year.

Weather cycle systems used in the past as well as 6804 include 355-days, 6726 lunar days(19 years), 10976 lunar days(31 yr+2days), 21952 lunar days(62 years+5 days), 26555 lunar days(75 years+5 days), and 47097 lunar days(133 years + 10 days). Some have ancient names like the Metonic, the Saros and the Selene. One very good all-purpose cycle is 186 years+14 days, but rain records are not available in NZ and Australia over that length of time. Very often the movements of the inner faster-moving planets, like Mercury, Venus and Mars impact on the situation as well. But it is statistically fairly certain that when moon cycles coincide again in a similar orbital combination, extreme weather will often be seen to repeat, depending on which cycle is the operative one for that particular weather pattern.

I think we are in just the beginning of some major events for fossil fuels and since we are at least ten years behind in alternative fuels we will all be stuck with oil/gas and natural gas for quite a while.
Posted by QuestSolver on :
CNN a little while ago was just speaking of upcoming weather events and also watching those 3 storms developing now,most important is the one leaving the coast of Africa...birth place of sisters Katrina and Rita.

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