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Posted by chele on :
What happened to this one? Why down with a forward split next friday?
Posted by letsplay28 on :
I was wondering the same thing..I was going to buy into it, but I didn't end up doing it yet...

I'm waiting to see what's going to happen...


Posted by knord on :
that makes at least 3 of us (see my earlier post)I was wondering about the forces behind this as well...with nothing but good news...a 4:1 forward split and solid financials it's not making sense to me unless the other shoe is about to drop...
Posted by BDUBS07 on :
Is .58 a good entry point. What do you mean by drop the shoe. Sorry new at this.


Posted by steelman on :
I believe EMTK is an pick! I bought 5K shares, and expect it to explode next week. This company is supported by Microsoft and Nokia, and shows great potential. EMTK is different from AUML in that it is not merely a construction project waiting to occur. EMTK has infrastructure, services, and credibility with bigger players. AUML is merely hype until regional stores and profits are made.
Posted by chele on :
Good to know I'm not alone. I think I'll just hold on tight and ride this wave on out.

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