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Posted by OilMan on :
My mother-in-law is a huge QVC freak and just told my wife that she saw the VKB listed on upcomming products........ anyone else know any one who can confirm this?
Posted by Bart on :
OilMan! My wife is also a OVC freak! I will have her check it out. She said that they had some stuff the other day on the home shopping network from the show but not the VKB! I will have her check about upcoming OVC shows! I think we will make another stab at .07 today! They make you laugh? Me to. They hate to be proven wrong by mere mortals! We will get what we want out of IBZT and they can collect their pennies. Last was moving up again at .0655.
No selling here until we have black gold and some Texas tea? Oh by the way when my wife is checking this out and decides to buy something I will send you the bill! She loves that dang thang! Eat MONSTER Eat!

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Posted by The Hippo on :
couldnt find it on their website...

PLUS, its a good thing i dont have a wife, cuz she'd probably turn into a QVC freak!!

Posted by Bart on :
OilMan: On your post you said Home shopping network and in your written statement you said QVC! Which one! Nothing under QVC but last week HSN had stuff about the show! My wife will also check HSN! She loves both of them! Eat MONSTER Eat
Posted by OilMan on :
Called her back and she said HSN..... Also said it was $119.00 ouch! Taking advantage of those stay at home shoppers.......
Posted by Bart on :
OilMan see if she knows the ITEM NUMBER??
We can not find it on there!

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