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Posted by yes on :
I have a few questions, if I may

I had left the computer for a few hours..only to come back to see IBZT had hit a high of 15 cents...then I closed my java windows and reopened to see a high .0554, yet the 15 cent high still shows up on the chart..

This is not the first stock that I've seen do this.. some type of "mystery trade"? Market error?

Also, what does "DD" mean? I assumed in the vernacular it meant "DO your own D*MN homework", hehe



Posted by IBZT on :
Prob just a market error, like you said. Either way I just added 100k more shares, this thing is gonna fly with news
Posted by glassman on :
I sometime wonder if the MM's don't do these "errors " to mess with my charts sizing making them hard to read--your'e only paranoid if they are not really out to get you--LOL


Posted by Bart on :
These things happen now an again! People might have put in wrong bid #. Com. malfunction or someone just trying to mess up chart boys. This is somewhat common!
Posted by glassman on :
had a good day huh Bart.---


Posted by Six Black Roses on :
It would be funny if people could get the stock at their bids, regardless of how much higher their bids are from the real price.

Imagine sitting there for two hours, staring at a chart with ups and downs, then leaving for a minute and coming back, everything's a flat line. Mwahahaha.

Posted by Bart on :
Yes we did! We still move up on no news! Thats very good! When we get some good news either (I feel) tomorrow ir Thu. we should really Fly! A friend of my who reads the bollinger bands like a bible says it says that IBZT will go past .08. The charts look very good and the talk is picking up. We might pull back maybe to .049 to .050 (with out news)before we will move past .06 and up! The MONSTER likes sellers. Says they taste like southern pecan pie. I say by the end of the week at least .06. Barchart shows
for the short term 80% BUY, med term 75% BUY, long term 100% BUY, and resistance .06.

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