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Posted by midnightz on :
i've been watching this company for months now, and i've notice a spike in the price over the last few days. i think it could go through the roof, so BUY BUY BUY!

Alpha Spacecom Inc ( is a HK-based company that has a huge potential to grab the Chinese media market. with China entering the WTO, there is going to bean explosion in media this year. Alpha Spacecom have teamed up with China Film Group Corporation - the largest film business entity in China - to create a satellite digital cinema and home distribution platform for the presentation of major Western and domestic motion pictures. they should be the first to market so will stand to capture a huge audience!

i believe the shares are amazingly low at 0.04 (it's been 0.03 for a long time). do the research, cuz there are downsides, especially with regards to their current financial situation, as they are not yet generating any revenue.

i view this is a long-term investment that wil generate huge profit when the company goes fully online maybe at the end of this year. i can't pinpoint the reason for the current spike in the shares, but i don't wana wait before it's too late!

i don't have an account that deals in these shares, and am desperate to open one and buy a load of these soon! in my absence, please go make money and think of me tryin to get my account set up in time...

please post your views, and all news!


Posted by derek111c on :
Have noticed this also
I have had this one for a while. I liked the concept
I like what I see from the chart
EMAs reciently made a nice crossover
volume picking up

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