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Posted by 88 on :
This company makes Amorphorous Metals - Liquid Metals!

LQMT - I think once the military and aircraft industries use this - this stock should be stellar!

I bought some to see - kind of like seeing the ground floor of micrososft in the DOS days.


Posted by Purl Gurl on :

If you will work your way back through posts
here for the past 30 to 45 days, you will
discover a lot of articles on LQMT. Many
of us have made good profit on this and
continue to made good profit.

Minor set-back recently, nothing of concern.
LQMT is recovering very nicely.

Purl Gurl

Posted by mcgivey on :
Purl Gurl,

You were absolutely correct. LQMT did break 3.00 (and counting in after hours trading). What do you think the ceiling is going to be tomorrow (or will it be tomorrow).


Posted by Purl Gurl on :
LQMT is having a lot of difficulty keeping
prices over 3.00 per share. This stock is
worth over three per share, but this recent
news about South Korea, kinda set us back.

Today's news about making parts for phones,
really helped a lot.

What average investors do not see is this
recent loan for their South Korea plant,
serves two purposes. One is to clean up
the mess Growler made going out of business
leaving LQMT in a position of having to
terminate their legal agreement, somehow.
The other point investors miss, is the
new loan is more than what is needed to
clean up Growler. This excess money will
be used to expand their production, and
to expand their Korean market.

More simply, this five million or so they
borrowed, will generate returns far in
excess of the loan amount.

Unfortuantely, most average investors
do not have enough "business savvy" to
see this. They see a loan being made
and instantly assume "financial trouble."

You and I, we see expansion underway,
see cleaning up a mess made by another
company and see better market returns.

Three bucks a share, darn it, LQMT is
right there, bumps over that price
easily, but just cannot hold it.

Next 10Q release, I believe this will
push LQMT over three and beyond.

Currently we sold a majority of our
holdings today, at 2.95 per, and will
be looking for a price dip to maybe
2.85 per share, then load up again
knowing LQMT is good for at least
3.50 per share by this summer.

This will be our fourth time buying
in and selling, LQMT. This stock has
earned us a lot of money and I am
very sure will continue earning
money for us.

Purl Gurl

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