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Posted by Purl Gurl on :
Originally profiled around .55 to .58 per
share, followed by a sharp rise to .62
per share, today, a good buy chance is
developing because of sidewards trading.

This started developing yesterday with
"Santa Claus" buyers beginning to move
out of the markets, allowing prices to
drift back to realistic levels.

Today, APIEF prices have dipped to .58
per share which is probably about as
low as prices will fall. There should
be a chance at .58 to .60 buys for those
interesting in this stock.

Please read my previous article for
details on APIEF stock. I am not working
at encouraging you to buy but rather
alerting you to an intra-day price dip
which may be of interest to some.

Usual stuff, don't trust what I write,
I could be wrong, you could lose money
and all that. Although joking around,
take that seriously. You could lose money.

Purl Gurl


Posted by Purl Gurl on :
I have a surprise for you today.

Watch your APIEF stock prices.

Purl Gurl

Posted by Purl Gurl on :
Pffftt... today's release of an expected
decent 10Q filing, fizzled out. Company
insiders already ran prices up over the
past few trading days.

Still, if you got in at .55 to .60 per
share, you have made fifteen cents to ten
cents per share. This is acceptable but
nothing to take home and brag about.

Maybe APIEF will begin a slow steady rise.
It is a low volume stock.

Purl Gurl

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