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One of the more difficult things for parents to do is know how much freedom to give to their pre-teen children as opposed to how much protection to provide them while they are moving to adolescence. There are so many things that can seriously threaten young people online from predators to misinformation to adult-only content. KidzRocket believes that parents should have tools to protect their child. Internet security for your kids is their business.

Parents should be able to build trust with their children in a safe and protected environment. Parents should also be empowered to set online boundaries for their kids to keep them safe on the Internet.
Volumn Up This Morning.
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BZRT - Volumn Up this morning. Looking for an upturn for this company. Their business concept and invaluable service to parents with kids on the internet it exceptiona. IMO
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BZRT - Another day and things are looking up. Overall we are looking for growth here. Internet Security for our kids, how good is that?

Posted by arizonagold on : (PC) Company Description, Inc., has developed the Patent Pending web site, a safe and fun social networking web site, very much like a Facebook for Pre-Teens. features safe chat rooms for children of all ages and has built a unique social networking web site for kids that allows parents to set boundaries. The site is a completely safe and profanity free environment where kids can connect with other kids they know and safely exchange conversations, videos and photos.

Similar yet different as compared to Facebook, kids are able to interact, share photos, and be provided with a safe chat room. The new social networking website for kids meets the challenge of pre-teens using alternate social networking sites and Internet access in a safe, responsible way. All of the restrictions, settings and controls of the KidzRocket Internet Web Filter are parental friendly and free to members. prevents the release of sensitive personal information, photographs, and other content to the public. The social networking web site invites parental involvement in partnership with their children. URL:

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