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Undt news:
Universal Detection Technology Confirms Orders to Both Domestic and Japanese Customers and Expects to Ship Radiological Detection Devices by the End of April
Orders Include Variety of Radiation Detection Devices Which Include Dosimeters and Survey Meters and Surface Monitors 04/18 04:39 PM

LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 04/18/11 -- Universal Detection Technology (UNDT:$0.0009,$-0.0001,-10.00%) (Radiation Monitoring : Radiation Exposure : Gamma Radiation Detectors : Monitor Radiation : Universal Detection Technology) , a developer of early-warning monitoring technologies that protect against biological, chemical, and radiological threats, announced today that it expects to begin the shipment of radiological detection devices to both domestic and Japanese customers based on confirmed purchase orders. The orders include a variety of radiation detection devices such as personal dosimeters, survey meters and surface monitors.
The confirmed orders include orders for the Company's dosimeter systems such as the SOR/T and SOR/RF dosimeters used for measurement of cumulative radiation exposures and the company's advanced survey meters and surface monitors such as the PDS-100 GN and RDS-80A used in detection on contamination on surfaces and in particular food and water. These detectors have a price range from $450.00 to $2,800.00 per unit.
The owners of the Fukushima Daiichi plant said on Sunday, in their first public timetable for ending the crisis that engineers will need six to nine months to bring the damaged nuclear reactors at the power plant under control.
It will take three months to reduce the levels of radioactivity in the plant and restore normal cooling systems in the reactors and spent fuel pools, the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TKECF:$5.5900,$-0.1100,-1.93%) announced. Another three to six months will be needed before the reactors are fully shut down and new shells are built around their damaged housings, the company said.
Meanwhile, Japan's government said it would try to decontaminate "the widest possible area" in that period before deciding whether the tens of thousands who have been forced to flee their homes will be allowed to return, said Goshi Hosono, an adviser to Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan.
"As we expect to ship radiation detection devices to the domestic and Japanese markets later this month, we continue to see increased interest in our products from a variety of individual and institutional consumers in Japan, and here in the United States," said Mr. Jacques Tizabi, UNDT's Chairman and CEO. "As the nuclear crisis continues, we have noticed a higher level of interest in the more sophisticated meters of which we have more access to inventory, and not just the basic personal dosimeters. Based on the interest level at the present time, we expect to see an increase in orders for our more sophisticated survey meters designed for detecting radiation on surfaces in particular in food and water," he added.
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