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...This information I'm copied/pasted is from briefly expands why PKTX's
molecule..AAGP works so well..

***PKTX..(IMHO)...This is fairly important and Why PKTX's molecule..AAGP..Works so well as a Anti-Inflammatory.. Along with many other great attributes with the molecule..

...In Nature the AFGPs molecule has proven useful in many applications. However, they are limited by their cost (approximately $10,000/gram), instability, and size (2,600 - 24,000 Daltons). Their large size restricts their use in medicine as they are unable to pass through capillaries into interstitial tissue and are unable to reach target cells.

...Molecules must be "less" than 600 Daltons to diffuse through the capillaries. In addition, molecules must be less than 1000 Daltons to pass through cell junctions into neighbouring cells and less than 600 Daltons to cross the blood-brain barrier.

...With these issues in mind Dr. Geraldine-Castelot-Deliencourt invented AAGP™ to be a smaller(580.96 Daltons)molecule, more stable than the synthetic version of AFGP.

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