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***PKTX.. Dear Protokinetix Investors... To look into the past research accomplishments using PKTX's molecule..AAGP in medical projects...
....You can go back in time and see the progression from one similar project to another...That builds a upon past research..

Take the latest medical research project that is collaborating using PKTX's molecule in the concept study in the field of cardiovascular sciences with Dr. Thomas Pulinilkunnil, Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Dalhousie University..

....If you were to go back to IHUB's PKTX MB post #159...In view what Protokinetix's molecule...AAGP did or should I say "Could" do for the Blood Storage Industry...This is a just short excerpt from Post #159..

...Blood platelets are a blood product called coagulants. They clot blood and thus prevent people from serious bleeding and often fatal blood loss.
...Blood platelets have a shelf life of 4.5 days and then discarded because of bacterial contamination.
If blood platelets are refrigerated they go into coagulation and cannot be used.
...Laboratory tests have shown that when AAGP™ is used with blood platelets they can be stored at refrigeration temperatures without "coagulation".
***The shelf life can be extended to 21 days and more. The amount of blood platelets available for patients can now be increased five-fold without increasing the donor base.

...Being that PKTX's Molecule (580.96 Daltons)is very mynute in size plus AAGP technology has potential applications in a variety of therapeutic areas involving cell, tissue and organ preservation and possibly preserving body tissue integrity...

...With Dr. Thomas Pulinilkunnil's goal of this project is to develop PKX-001 as a cardioprotective agent with wide ranging applications in cardiovascular medicine...With the Old knowledge of Blood Storage and New Progressive medical research..

***This(IMHO)....New Medical Research with the Pulinilkunnil laboratory...Could Be a Very Big Game Changer..:+O

.......Because the PKTX Molecule...AAGP.. Is a Kick-AZZ Anti-inflammatory Plus It Works.. :+)

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