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***PKTX….Yes..We are all waiting…For the “Paint to Dry”, as they say…..Waiting for the preliminary results of the Clinical Trials..
…Too many years of research and data..Too many Hot Irons in the Fire with PKTX’s molecule..AAGP.. To Not be excited about the pending results.

****I just copied/pasted a few subjects….To remind the PKTX investor…We have a Kick-Azz Anti-inflammatory molecule…AAGP!

…ProtoKinetix Announces Start of Phase 1 & Phase 2 Clinical Trials for the use of AAGP™ PKX-001 Treated Islet Cells in the Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes
…ProtoKinetix Updates Testing Progress on Neuronal Retinal Cells in Living Tissue for the Treatment of Macular Degeneration
…ProtoKinetix’ AAGP™ has been Published in the Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

…ProtoKinetix’ AAGP™ to Be Presented at the Congress of the International Pancreas and Islet Transplant Association

…Protokinetix AAGP™ research focuses on unique healthcare solutions that can provide cell survival which prolong the life of a cell, which is crucial in many
medical research and procedures done today.
...Harvesting, storage and transplanting cells, tissues and organs..
...Treatments for conditions and disease caused by stress factors, including UV radiation, oxidation and inflammation
Acute medical research study is always progressing, but one of the problems that researchers rely on is the benefit from solutions that can deal with the fundamental factors of inflammation and oxidation. Both are well-known causes of life-threatening conditions and diseases, and accelerated aging. In addition many acute medical problems are benefiting from cell therapies and transplantation of cell, tissues and organs.
...AAGP™ is now being used or investigated as a possible solution by many healthcare companies that specialize in medical cell therapies, organ transplant, trauma, blood product banking and anti-inflammation.
...AAGP™ has taken Protokinetix's research team into preservation of stem cells and cell therapy, storage of blood platelets and blood products, harvesting and transplantation of islet cells for diabetes treatments, time sensitive organ transplantation and inflammation causing diseases and conditions.
...Protokinetix expects to license several commercial applications from its AAGP™ family as well as expand its ongoing research and development with institutions and businesses. Protokinetix is actively in talks with several healthcare companies that are testing the molecule in their specific niche applications.

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