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***PKTX... Interesting question.. I've put together a short laundry list of facts on Protokinetix..
...All of these facts and more about PKTX, can be found on IHUB PKTX message board..The article I posted(Post #3072) earlier was about the Big Pharma's "Drug Pipeline" and as their "Major BlockBluster Medicines" loses the Patents and go generic..
...They need to find a New Revenue source to keep the profits coming in... They are Basically looking for Bio-Tech Companies that have done all the "Heavy Lifting" meaning a lot of research/data has been done on a product that will fill the void and satisfy the needs for their "Drug Pipeline"..

......First and foremost..PKTX has a very efficient, business minded CEO Plus his Management team..
...PKTX.. Has a patent on it's molecule..AAGP..
...This company is up to date on its filings...
..."Zero" Debt..
...Both Phase 1 & 2 Testing has been paid for in advance..
...Years of Scientific Research and Data has been done on Protokinetix's molecule..AAGP.
...Has cash on hand and is now in clinical trials.
...CEO has been buying large amounts of PKTX's stock..Showing his confidence in the company..
...Trials being done on the AAGP molecule are at the largest islet cell research facility in the world. When islet cells are washed with the molecule it protects them..Hoping that the tests will show these cells will live longer and produce insulin. It also protects the cells against anti-rejection drugs.
...Which could lead to helping on other future organ transplants.
...The insulin market is 39 BILLION A YEAR Market..
...If AAGP is found to help the islet cells produce insulin and protect them it's value is tremendous.
...Remember only 3 out of 10,000 drugs get to phase 1 trials.
...Normally could take up to twelve years to achieve that mark..(Phase One Testing)
...Has had articles in two medical journals and now two Major Universities testing the AAGP molecule..

****** Something to think about... MTNB was the stock that went from 48 cents to $2 on news of phase 1 trials... Why Not...PKTX..??

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